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I nostalgically review the travel notebook I took with me to India. Whenever I travel, I like to capture ideas, anecdotes and perceptions that over time I discover I have forgotten. My notebook begins by explaining how I experienced those first few hours in the country, which, in fact, are always the most incredible. I think that there is no greater excitement on a trip than the…

When you travel to India, you can live very extreme experiences, the kind that leave a mark on you. But if you have a sense of humor, you will also have to deal with funny moments and if you hurry, a little surreal.In the vicinity of Jaipur there is a place called Amber Fort which is well known for its imposing beauty. However, this causes it to be…

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Travel privately to discover another side of fascinating India, through the region of Ladakh, at an altitude of 4000 m and full of impressive Buddhist monasteries. The trip is combined with the Punjab region and…

The incredible Golden Temple of Amritsar, spiritual capital of the Sikh religion. A Rajhastan that combines traditional big cities with more rural populations and relax on the stunning beaches of the Maldives.

Travel in a small group and with INSOLIT guide, touring the most monumental and experiential north of India. We will thoroughly tour the northern region. From Amritsar in the Punjab region, through the desert of Rhajastan and the monumental cities…

A small group trip to the south of India, concentrating the pure essence of a country at each stage of the journey. In addition to all the cultural and scenic component, we will discover friendly smiles uncontaminated by tourism, which will give us the opportunity to…

Private tour where in Daarjeling we will discover one of the most important Buddhist areas of the country. In Orissa, the highlight of the trip, we will appreciate the ethnic variety of the region by the hand of our specialized guide, with more than 62 years of experience….

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