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The Yuan Wang 5, with some 400 crew, is no longer in Sri Lanka, the Chinese ship sailed Monday from the Chinese-administered port of Hambantota after a brief one-week stay.The vessel, which to China is a “scientific research” ship but to India and the United States is a spy ship, is on its way back to its home port in Jiangyin, in China’s Jiangsu province.

Captain Zhang Hogwang of China’s research and reconnaissance vessel, the Yuan Wang 5 , waves after disembarking from the ship upon its arrival at Hambantota port on Aug. 16, 2022globaltimes / VCG

When the ship arrived last week, the Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka, Qi Zhenhong, said it was part of “normal exchanges between the two countries”.Eventually, pressure from India drastically cut the stay and scope of the Chinese ship’s mission in Sri Lanka where there is precisely a deep political and economic crisis.

MY TRIP TO INDIA | Alex Tienda

We traveled to India, a place that has bewitched many of those who have been there and many others who want to visit it. At first glance, it does not seem a beach destination, but searching, we have found a corner that will delight all those couples who seek as a complement to urban tourism a few days of relaxation on the beach.

Marari, also known as Mararikulam, is a coastal town in southern India. Known for its tranquility; in a recent survey, Marari beaches were chosen by National Geographic as one of the top 5 beaches in the world.

Since, as mentioned above, it is not a place of mass tourism, in Marari we can find miles and miles of sandy beaches, surrounded by coconut trees and traditional houses in which we can stay, although it also has a few luxury resorts, for higher budgets, who want to make the most of your trip.

Another place to visit near Marari are the Backwaters, a network of canals that travel parallel to the Arabian Sea in southern India, known as the “Venice of the East”, in the region of Kerala. From all the cities that run through these canals we can hire tours through them, which are really worthwhile, in addition to enjoying the scenery, we will see animal species typical of the area.

GIGANTIC new US aircraft carrier that will

As far as I can tell, there is only one route that enters an Indian port and originates in Malaysian Port Tanjung Pelepas . The whole trip takes 21 days but I don’t think India -> Malaysia takes that long but you will have to call the provider to find out. One thing to note is that you will have to get to Singapore somehow, which you can do on a ship in many different ways and you can look at Maris Freighter Cruises for various trips that stop in Tanjung Pelepas (there are a few). And then change the ship.

Those are just examples, there are many possibilities and most agencies should be able to put together a route for you. You’d be looking at something like a couple of months of travel in any case.

But the biggest problem is that I read in several places that India does not allow passengers to embark or disembark on cargo ships in the country . So even though many ships travel to India, you first have to go somewhere else like Sri Lanka or Singapore, quite far from Mumbai, to catch a freighter.

Vessel runs aground in Suez Canal, unleashes chaos

Cruises are an excellent option for discovering charming places, whether they are secluded beaches or bustling cities. Traveling in comfort on a floating city or on a family vessel, cruises allow you to enjoy both on and off the ship with luxurious sights and facilities in the first case and a wide variety of excursions and activities in the second.

If you have doubts about which type of cruise suits you best, check out the differences between river cruises and ocean cruises. Browse through our boat trip offers and let’s go sailing.

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