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LEMONADE IN HYDERABAD! reminiscing our trip to the South


Steeped in history, teeming with people and bustling with stores, Hyderabad’s Old City is one of India’s most evocative old quarters. As you explore the streets of this district, with its chai stores and spice stores, you will encounter a great urban mass of color and commerce. Above the Old City is some of the most impressive architecture of Islamic India, in various states of repair. Most visitors concentrate their time in this area, although the magnificent Golconda Fortress is also not to be missed.

Hyderabad’s other pole is much younger and west of the center: its high-tech city, or ‘Cyberabad’, and other districts such as Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills are packed with glitzy malls, multiplexes, clubs, pubs and chic restaurants.

Hyivabad’s massive, modern and efficient Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is located 25 km southwest of the city center. It has daily direct flights, including with Air India and Jet Airways, to over 25 Indian cities plus international cities such as Chicago, London, Hong Kong and many destinations in Southeast Asia and the Gulf.

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Hyderabad’s strong Islamic influences pepper the city’s cuisine, a winning blend of Arabic and Mughlai influences that are expressed to perfection in the seasoned biryani rice. Try the city’s famous biryani at Paradise Persis restaurant in the Paradise Food Court in Secunderabad, probably India’s largest gastronomic center with floors and floors of culinary delights.

You will receive treatment worthy of King Qutb at this rooftop restaurant in the hills of Banjara, a neighborhood west of Hyderabad towards Golconda. Enjoy fabulous margaritas, water lilies, candlelit tables and zafraan dal: a rich but mild lentil dish with saffron that in the opinion of many is the best on the Indian subcontinent. And best of all are the views of Hyderabad that, on clear days, reach as far as Golconda Fort.

One of the largest 3D IMAX screens in the world, the Prasads IMAX theater screens Tollywood films as well as Western hits. Food stalls with local specialties along with typical western fast food and varied shopping will keep you entertained between movies.

Trip to India. The streets of Hyderabad.

After my visit to the Ajanta Caves, at night, I retrieved the big backpack at the reception of my hotel in Aurangabad, and walked to the train station. The day before I had bought the ticket, so I just had to go to the area of the platform that corresponded to my carriage, and sit down to wait for a while. And at 23h, 15 minutes late, my night train (the second of the trip) appeared.

And so, sleeping peacefully, I left the state of Maharashtra, heading south, to enter the state of Telangana. The next day I woke up at 8 am, after a surprisingly peaceful night. I was great stretched out in my bunk, and there I stayed for another hour, relaxing, as the train continued to move towards my destination. Until, as soon as I put my feet on the ground, I looked out the window, and realized that we were about to arrive at Secunderabad, the end point of my journey. So I put on my slippers, grabbed my backpacks, and went outside looking forward to new challenges.


Hyderabad The history of Hyderabad city is rich and an intriguing one. While touring Nizams city, you may want to know the history behind certain places. Therefore, it is always better to have some primary information about the ancestral past and origin of Hyderabad so that you have an idea of how the place used to be and how it has evolved into the present city it is now.

The fame and abundant prosperity of the city of Hyderabad reached the ears of the powerful Mughal ruler Aurangazeb, who captured and plundered the wealth of the flourishing city of Hyderabad. Aurangazeb then ruled the city of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Besides Taj Mahal, there are other tourist attractions in Agra worth visiting. Built in massive red sandstone on the banks of Yamuna, the Agra Fort built by Emperor Akbar in 1565 is another important historical tourist attraction in Agra. It is popular with tourists as a lofty fortress as well as How to reach Hyderabad by Rail: The Indian Railway, the world’s largest railroad under a single management, is divided into nine zones. Secunderabad, Hyderabad’s twin city, is the headquarters of the South Central Zone. Hyderabad is the main arrival or departure point. Hyderabad railway station is well connected to all major cities of India with a number of daily express trains from Hyderabad to the other cities of India.

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