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While we are at home we have the security of knowing that we are covered by a free and quality health system that will assist us in case of any unforeseen event. When we leave our borders, things change completely and each country has different characteristics. The case of India is a clear example of this, since there are many medical centers of dubious quality (some of them you can leave even worse than you entered) and private centers of good reputation are a very high cost for tourists who do not have their travel insurance to India.

This, and below you will see the reasons, is the IATI Backpacker. So, if you already have clear the vital importance of traveling to India with the best guarantees and want to go to the point, do not wait any longer and get it now from here:

When choosing your travel insurance to India this is the part that interests you most, the coverage. These must be at the height of a trip like this. Below you will see what are the essentials for this destination to know that whatever happens you will be covered, all included in your IATI Backpacker:

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There are many “crazy goats” who decide not to buy travel insurance for India in order to save a few bucks and then … what happens happens happens. Be very clear about something. India can boast of many incredible things, but of course, in terms of hygiene and health conditions … it is not that it can do it and because of this the chances of having to go to the doctor in India are higher than in many other places on the planet.

These are things that seem “impossible” and hard to believe but as you get to know India you will discover that here anything goes and health is not excluded. So … better go with a Champions League level medical coverage if you do not want to gamble a little.

As I said above, it is important that you take the best possible insurance for India. After more than 50 countries, we have tried everything: Mapfre, Intermundial, AXA, Adeslas, Mondo, and among others, I choose IATI Seguros for the following reasons:

With a medical insurance for India as the ESTRELLA you will be perfectly covered anywhere in the world, however, for India, with the 80,000 euros in coverage that gives you the STANDARD you would be more than enough.

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Get your travel insurance quoteAt Mundo Joven our priority is your family’s well beingDid you know that having an incident while abroad is more frequent than you think, and it can be very costly; for this reason you should protect your next adventure with travel insurance.

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US citizens also require an e-Visa for India. The e-Visa for India has some conditions, privileges, requirements for different types like Tourist, Business and Healthcare e-Visa for India. All the details you need to know are covered in this complete guide to Indian Visa for US Citizens.

To be eligible for Tourist e-Visa for India, you must fulfill the eligibility conditions for Indian e-Visa for US Citizens mentioned above. Apart from those you may also be required to provide proof of being in possession of sufficient money to finance your travel and stay in India.

In addition to the general requirements for the India e-visa for U.S. citizens mentioned above, you need details of the Indian organization, trade fair or exhibition the traveler will be visiting, including the name and address of an Indian reference, the website of the Indian company the traveler will be visiting, the Indian company’s invitation letter and business card or email signature, as well as the visitor’s website address.

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