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BANNERChoose your travel insuranceIn Young World our priority is the welfare of your familyDid you know that having an incident while you are abroad is more frequent than you think, besides it can be very expensive; for this reason you should protect your next adventure with travel insurance.

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While we are at home we have the security of knowing that we are covered by a free and quality health system that will take care of us in case of any unforeseen event. When we leave our borders things change completely and each country has different characteristics. The case of India is a clear example of this, since there are many medical centers of dubious quality (some of them you can leave even worse than you entered) and private centers of good reputation are a very high cost for tourists who do not have their travel insurance to India.

This, and below you will see the reasons, is the IATI Backpacker. So, if you already have clear the vital importance of traveling to India with the best guarantees and want to go to the point, do not wait any longer and get it now from here:

When choosing your travel insurance to India this is the part that interests you most, the coverage. These must be at the height of a trip like this. Below you will see what are the essentials for this destination to know that whatever happens you will be covered, all included in your IATI Backpacker:

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We leave you below a lot of tips for traveling to India and how to organize the trip. From how many days are necessary, to what is the best time to go, the requirements, the visa or the recommended vaccinations. But also information to make routes through this Asian country. Shall we start?

The most comfortable and fastest way to get to this Asian country is by plane. If you are going to travel to India in high season (Easter, July and August, Christmas) book in advance, fares can range between 400 and 600 euros, but keep in mind that these prices vary every day. ✈ Check the Skyscanner search engine for the best option.

These are some of the recommended vaccinations for travel to India: Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid Fever. But ideally you should make an appointment at least 1 month before your trip at your local International Vaccination Center for advice.

But, how much money to take on a trip to India? 300 euros for a week can be enough to eat and to do some shopping. Keep in mind that in most places it is only possible to pay in cash (except in hotels and restaurants for tourists).

Requirements for travel to India

ERGO Travel Insurance offers you all the protection you need to travel to the USA with the best and most complete coverage, including UNLIMITED Medical Assistance and Repatriation, Luggage, Cancellation, Civil Liability. With ERGO Travel Insurance you will be covered for any unforeseen event in a movie country.

You will also have other guarantees: Accidents up to 180.000€, coverage for medical pre-existences, repatriation, early return… With the coverages of our international travel insurance Select you will have everything you need to travel to the United States with total peace of mind.

However, at ERGO Seguros de Viaje, we have other options such as Viajero Seguro, the best travel insurance for those who prefer a policy that allows them to modulate the guarantees of Baggage, Cancellation, Accident, Personal Assistance and Vacation Reimbursement, depending on their needs.

Although travel insurance is not mandatory for travel to the United States, it is highly recommended. Keep in mind that this country has a private health care system and any type of medical attention you may need during your vacation can considerably increase the bill for your trip, entailing a high cost that you did not count on. To give you an idea, health care costs can range from €1000 for minor cases to €100,000 for more serious problems.

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