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COVID-19 passport in the UK: is it a viable solution?


India is approximately 13 times larger than the United Kingdom. The UK is approximately 243,610 square kilometers, while India is approximately 3,287,263 square kilometers, making India 1,249% larger than the UK.

The shortest air travel distance (as the crow flies) between the UK and India is 7,672 km = 4,767 miles. If you travel by plane (which has an average speed of 560 miles) from the UK to India, it will take 8.51 hours to get there.

Probably because most people still wonder if it is possible to cross overland between India and Pakistan. Good news: it totally is. If you’re armed with a visa (and nothing else), the Wagah border crossing is the most convenient way to travel overland between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan. There is no way to enter Pakistan in a civilian vehicle registered in India. Many foreign nationals undertaking overland expeditions use Wagah Border to enter or leave India during their journey, but this option is not open to Indians.

An extreme heat wave with temperatures of more than

The United Kingdom on Monday added India to its “red list” of countries from which most travel is banned, a decision taken because of concerns about the SARS-CoV-2 variant detected in the Asian nation.

In an intervention in the House of Commons, Hancock, who described the decision as “vital but difficult”, explained that the mutation has “worrying characteristics”, among which he listed a greater transmissibility and resistance to vaccines and treatments.

Just this Monday, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the cancellation of an official visit to India, which was to take place next Monday, due to the pandemic situation in the Asian country.

Let’s travel through India

New Delhi, Sep 21 (EFE) – The recent easing of travel restrictions in the United Kingdom, without recognizing the validity of Indian vaccines, has sparked anger in the Asian country, where the government on Tuesday called the rules “discriminatory”, while some parliamentarians even spoke of racism.

The UK does not recognize in its new rules the immunization offered in India, among other countries, forcing residents of the former British colony to undergo a mandatory quarantine.

This is the case even for those fully vaccinated with the Covishield formula, as the vaccine developed by the British University of Oxford and AstraZeneca and produced in India by the Serum Institute is called.

Hospitals in India record “flood” of cases

In these cases, you can continue to use your national identity card to enter the UK until at least 31 December 2025. All other travelers will need a passport to enter the UK after this date.

If you are a US, Canadian or Australian tourist, you will be able to travel visa-free in the UK, provided you have a valid passport and your reason for visiting complies with immigration rules.

If you are a citizen of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates and are planning to visit the UK, you may be able to obtain an e-visa waiver in lieu of a visa. You can find more details here.

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