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Mi viaje por India


La satisfacción de su viaje es nuestro deber, vocación y reto. Calidad al mejor precio es nuestra misión y objetivo. Calidad en el proceso de compra, calidad en el itinerario, calidad humana, calidad en los hoteles, comidas.

INCLUIMOS VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL (Parlamento, río Támesis, Torre de Londres, Palacio de Buckingham y el “cambio de guardia”). TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE a la alegre zona del Soho, donde podrá cenar en su restaurante preferido.

INCLUYE VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL, entrada a la TORRE EIFFEL (2ª planta) y PASEO EN BARCO por el Sena. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE al barrio de Montmartre, incluyendo un paseo en FUNICULAR, y varias opciones de restaurantes, por ejemplo, indios. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE a la zona de la Gare du Nord, hogar de la comunidad india de París, con muchas opciones de restaurantes franceses o étnicos.

INCLUIMOS VISITA CON GUÍA LOCAL y entrada al COLOSO ROMANO y entrada a la CATEDRAL DE SAN PEDRO. PETER’s CATHEDRAL. TRASLADO POR LA NOCHE al animado barrio de Esquilino con restaurantes italianos, indios, chinos e internacionales. TRASLADO POR LA TARDE a la zona de Via Cavour con todo tipo de restaurantes.

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Breakfast. At 07:30 am you will be picked up at the hotel to visit Amber Fort (you will go up by elephant and go down by car). Riding on elephants you will climb to the top of the hill where the Amber Fort and its ramparts are located. From there you will appreciate the historic city of the kings of Amber by the Maota Lake.

Then transfer to the international airport en route for dinner at a local restaurant near the airport. According to the flight schedule, transfer to the airport for your flight to Dubai. Scheduled departure of the flight at 8:00 p.m.

After breakfast. We will start the half day city tour including transportation, tour guide and entrance fees. We will start from Deira and pass through the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk (both closed on Fridays). Cross the Creek in the Abra or water cab to visit the Dubai Museum (Closed on Fridays).

Continue through Jumeirah passing the Jumeirah Mosque and stop to take pictures at the Burj al Arab (only 7* hotel in the world). Afternoon Dhow Cruise with Dinner included along the Creek where you will enjoy the contrast between the large passenger boats and the small abras or water cabs.

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The colors of India keep its millenary culture alive. The vibrant tones of its traditional costumes, its splendid palaces and its magical festivals, nourish its legacy. The aromas and sounds of its hectic streets, and the deep gazes of its people will thrill you from the moment you arrive in Delhi. Beyond the disorder and turmoil of many of its cities, India holds for you a treasure trove of unforgettable sensations and new learnings. The majestic Taj Mahal, the sacred city of Varanasi, the Ganges River and the pink Jaipur await you with all their beauty and exoticism on your trip through Asia.

NEVER travel to India if you are like this

Painting of Vasco da Gama on his arrival in India, carrying the flag used in the Discoveries: The arms of Portugal and the Cross of Christ, sponsors of the expansion movement initiated by Henry the Navigator. Christopher Columbus

The project to find the sea route to India was devised by John II of Portugal as a measure to reduce the costs of trade with Asia, in an attempt to monopolize the spice trade. With Portugal’s maritime presence becoming more and more solid, John II longed for the domination of trade routes and the expansion of his kingdom, which was beginning to transform into an empire, but after having rejected the project of Christopher Columbus, and after the discovery of America by Castile, his interests were endangered despite the successive treaties of Alcaçovas and Tordesillas. Although John II was the main promoter of the project, the enterprise would not be carried out during his reign, but during that of his successor Manuel I, who would designate Vasco da Gama for this expedition, maintaining as far as possible the original plan of his predecessor.

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