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Requirements for travel to India 2022


Fortunately we have the advances of modernity and we can fly to India. If we had a direct flight it would take 16 hours and 54 minutes, however we have the option of connecting flights, which provide those benefits we have today. Setting foot from Colombia to India is a matter of taking the suitcases and start the adventure at the airport to travel like kings.

The return on the other hand is not very different and does not escape the norm, for example, a return flight with 3 stopovers would be (departure from India, New Delhi to Dubai we fly with “Air India Limited”, we would make the first stop in Dubai from where we depart to Beirut in Middle East Airlines seats, then from there we depart to Madrid and following with Middle East Airlines, we arrive in Colombia, from Madrid to Bogota in the comfort of Air Europa) will be ranging the 3,700.00 Colombian Pesos. However, a return of only 2 stopovers, departing from New Delhi airport to Madrid and from Madrid to Santiago de Cali.

Tourist Visa for India

The procedure begins in this page, in the option of “Regular Visa”. Among the questions that you are asked in the form one is the one of “Indian Mission”. Here you have to choose the embassy/consulate that is closest to you as this is where you will have to go to complete the process and pick up your visa.

Once you finish completing all the information (there are four steps), you will see the form ready to print. The printed form along with the other requirements must be taken personally to the embassy or consulate you have chosen in “Indian Mission”.

The requirements and cost of the Indian visa vary depending on the embassy where you apply. On this page is the list with the address of all the embassies/consulates of India in different countries. Some embassies only do tourist visas for residents of that country, so it is important that you make sure of this.

Something very important to keep in mind if you apply for this visa, is that the days of validity start running from the moment you get the visa (printed date), and not from the moment you enter India. In other words, if you get a 6 months visa on January 1st, it will expire on June 30th, no matter when you enter India.

Requirements to travel to india from mexico

Government of India has launched an electronic travel authorization or e-Visa for India that allows citizens of 180 countries to travel to India without the need to physically stamp their passport.

Since 2014, international travelers wishing to visit India no longer have to apply for the traditional paper-based Indian visa to make the trip and can therefore avoid the hassles involved in such an application. Instead of having to go to the Indian Embassy or Consulate, the Indian visa can now be obtained online in electronic format.

The 30-day Indian Tourist Visa, which allows the visitor to stay in the country for 30 days from the date of entry into the country and is a double entry Visa, which means that you can enter the country 2 times within the validity period of the Visa. The visa has an expiration date, which is the date before which you must enter the country.

It is a short term visa and is valid for only 60 days from the date of entry of the visitor to the country. Only 2 Physician Assistant Visas are granted against 1 Medical Visa, which means that only 2 persons would be eligible to travel to India along with the patient who has already obtained or applied for a Medical Visa.

Vaccines accepted for travel to India

In November 2014, the government of India joined the e-visa initiative previously implemented by other countries, in order to perform an additional security check to its travelers before entering its territory.

This does not have the full quality of a visa, it is an Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA, which does not require the paperwork or documentation that a regular visa would have, as it can be completed 100% online.

There is an urgent version of the authorization request, however, through the official website it is possible that even delays may occur and it is not guaranteed to take less than 3/4 days, so it is recommended that this is requested in time, when the intention to travel is presented. It should also be noted that this has a duration of 365 days, so there would be no reason to leave your application to the last minute.

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