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There are many people who take them but there are also many people with diarrhea, in this is like in vaccines, a personal decision, in my case I pass vaccines but also lassis, maximum the last or penultimate day I give myself a treat and so if something happens to me at least not bitter trip.

At the beginning I ate everything prepared and cooked, and on the third day I caught a bug-intoxication, which was not limited to diarrhea, but it was a complete gastrointestinal, and I attribute it to a delicious meal of Bikaner that was great. Well, from the fourth day to the twelfth I ate rice-platano-yogurt and lassi and the truth is that although I returned somewhat touched, the lassi kept me. I had been vaccinated for everything there was and thereabouts and we always keep to the letter the recommendations and that did not prevent me from getting sick. The Indian food (in spite of how bad it made me feel) is one of the best I have ever tasted.

As for taking lassis is a personal choice (they do have water and it’s not bottled!!!); I didn’t take any, I just tried a little, but my girlfriend went crazy with them. The truth is that we both had digestive problems in India and we each ate different things; I at first ate everything and more, and she was much more careful but took lassis.

What food is eaten in India

They opened their doors with the intention of “making diners travel through the most colorful corners of Mumbai without leaving Madrid”. Everyone who tries their menu knows that it is a goal achieved because in Surya, which in Sanskrit means sun, authenticity is the most characteristic aroma. The curries are among the best in the city, they have an addictive assortment of traditional breads, surprising fish options and an endless number of very tasty vegetarian options. All set in the ‘street food’ atmosphere of the streets of Mumbai. The coolest thing? They have a hilarious clandestine cocktail bar in which to extend dinners until the wee hours of the morning.Tudescos, 4 (Madrid).Average price: 25 €.Indian Aroma

It is the most rebellious in our list of best Indian restaurants in Madrid. El Hombre Pez, located in the lively neighborhood of Salamanca, is the first restaurant that dares to merge Indian culture with the Cantabrian, leaving us as a result a different and very attractive menu. Here, the turbot is cooked tandoori style and the Tudanca meatballs are very spicy. It also has a rogue touch with live dj sessions and a cocktail menu that invites you to celebrate.Velázquez, 102 (Madrid).average price: 45 €.

10 typical indian foods

From tandoori chicken to palak paneer, the recipes are relatively simple. You can even learn how to make your own naan, the tasty flatbread ideal for scooping up rice and gravy. Let’s take a look at this list of some of the richest and tastiest Indian food dishes.

You can’t start this list of typical Indian food without mentioning Idlis and Sambar. Idlis is a tasty Indian cake steamed with fermented black lentils and rice. It is usually served with sambar, a vegetable stew.

Idlis is one of the most famous dishes in South India. Its popularity is explained by the fact that even the World Health Organization has declared it as one of the most nutritious and safest foods to incorporate into our diet. This typical Indian dish is nutritious as it is made with lentils, a protein-rich ingredient that is fermented and safe as it is steamed and contains no fatty ingredients. Idlis and Sambar is an ideal breakfast dish.

Indian food menu

For food lovers, food is much more than just 3 meals a day. They explore their food palette in every possible way and experiment with what they consume. If you share the same love for street food, then street food in India will surely satisfy your awaited gastronomic adventures. In every nook and corner of India, you will find at least one interesting food that you have never tried before. Being a country of diversity, every part of India has something special to offer, from the delicious pani puri in Delhi to the puchka of Kolkata and the vada pav of Mumbai. Each city has quintessential foods for its culture.

While it is not possible to explore and taste all the delicious street food items that the country has to serve, it is certainly possible for you to pick and choose the best of the lot, and to help you with this process, we have selected this blog. especially for you. We have carefully chosen the most famous and favorite foods from almost every corner of the country and they are mentioned in the article below. This way, you don’t have to waste your time getting confused about what to try and what to ignore. The list ensures that all kinds of tastes and flavors are included for the person referring to this list, from spicy items to extremely sweet and delicious jalebis! We have catered to all the tester’s tastes. Take a look at the foods listed below and see if you can access them. enjoy!

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