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Best places to visit in India


The beautiful Janjehli Valley, 67 km from Mandi, is a tranquil place. Surrounded by beautiful forests, covered with lush grasslands and characterized by a satisfying climate. Janjheli also serves as a base camp for several trekkers and campers on their way to places, such as Shoja, Karsag, Chindi and Shikari Devi. Janjehli is one of the unspoiled tourist places, where tourists find the serene beauty of nature. It is also a paradise for trekkers, offering treks up to an altitude of 3,300 meters. After covering 32 km on a passable road to Gohar and the rest of the journey is on foot.

Lachung is a beautiful Himalayan village located in Northern Sikkim. The landscape of Lachung is filled with gushing waterfalls, tall and dark mountains, meandering rivers, fruit orchards, and much more. In addition to an richness of natural beauty, visitors can also enjoy a host of outdoor activities such as paragliding and river rafting in Lachung.

Places in India

With more than 30 beaches in its reign, this union territory is a heaven for party and beach lovers.  All water and beach based activities are found in this place. There are many ancient and modern churches, shopping places and most importantly, the place is famous for nightlife. This is a very important place for some adventure activities like hot air ballooning, hiking and others.

No matter what the bucket list of things to do before you die, Kerala would be part of it. This is the Venice of the East. The best activities to enjoy here are houseboat, backwaters, water parks, landscapes, beaches, water activities, ayurvedic massage and others. Munnar is an important destination in Kerala. Kerala is one of the few places in India where you can enjoy river rafting.there are numerous domestic airports and one international airport in Kerala.

Kashmir is always beautiful. Srinagar is famous for its lakes, houseboats, valleys and others. If you are visiting in summer, the place will be rich with flora and water bodies. You must enjoy the flowers in this region. If you are visiting in winter, skiing and other snow activities are famous here.the nearest airport is in Srinagar.

What to visit in India in 10 days

Designated as the walled city of Delhi in order to contain the Mughal Empire displaced from Agra, Old Delhi becomes the heart of the Indian capital thanks to its history and dynamism. With Chandni Chowk, the great market of the city, offering aromas and colors, Old Delhi relies on monuments such as the Red Fort or the Jama Masjid mosque to remind us of the history of India in a neighborhood: from the Mughal forts and palaces to the Victorian houses established during the British Raj. A must-see.

When a city has been built using sandstone typical of the area, each of its corners is worth discovering. The Pink City of India is not only in the color of the flamingo, being one of the most psychedelic of the country: from its markets to its tattooed mantras elephants, Jaipur is a festival of color where places like the Palace of the Winds or especially the Amber Fort, whose collection of mirrors is confirms the charm that we came to look for in one of the members of the Golden Triangle.

Landmarks in India

And then there is the silence, a silence that cannot be described in words, a silence of snow, rock and water, of a bird flying over a precipice, a silence like the thin air of the heights that seems to envelop everything in a shimmering, crystalline patina. It is another planet.

One falls in love with Kerala and, as in all love stories, the initial crush transforms into something deeper after dealing with its inhabitants. They possess an asset more precious than any material good, a contagious joie de vivre and serenity, which makes it natural to approach them to get to know them better, just as they approach us with boundless curiosity. This is the land of the eternal smile.

The state of Madhya Pradesh is a jewel for tourism, because it is unspoiled. And there is so much to discover. Although the city of Bhopal is associated with the tragedy of the gas leak that killed thousands of people, it is a Muslim city built around two magnificent lakes, and with charm. The Jehan Numa, an old mansion that still belongs to the heirs of the begums of Bhopal, those women who ruled the sultanate dressed in burqa, is one of the best hotels I have stayed in India: beautiful, quiet, exquisite treatment and extraordinary food.

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