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Hybrid animals where at least one of the parents is a wildlife species included in the list of species protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) must comply with the entry requirements of the importing country. As an example: the Savannah (or Savannah) is a cross between a Domestic Cat (Felis silvestris catus) and a Serval (Leptailurus serval) and may require a CITES permit to be imported into the country of destination.

For foreigners temporarily residing in Chile: It is not mandatory to register your pet in the National Pet Registry, therefore, if you entered the country with a pet identified by means of a microchip, this is valid for your departure from the country. However, at the moment of leaving the country, you must guarantee that the pet is identified according to the Law, by means of the Proof of Existence for Registration with Microchip or Proof of Existence for Registration with External Device, which must be validated by a veterinarian (models available at

Transportation of dogs to the united states

and it is advisable to give them a light meal 2 hours before departure. What are the main rules for traveling by plane with pets? In order to travel by plane, animals must be healthy, older than 2-4 months of age, dogs up to 10 kg are not allowed.

dogs up to 10 kg are not allowed. All those weighing more must travel in the hold. Which airline is the best for traveling with pets? Among the most permissive airlines for traveling with pets, due to the variety of animals, are

New Zealand or South Africa, or for which there are restrictions, such as Brazil. Are dogs allowed in airports? Regulations vary from country to country and airport to airport. In general, dogs can be carried

Pets banned from entering the United States

When we travel, we not only face new geographies, new people, new gastronomy, but also new animals. Or even animals that we already knew, but that in the new destination have a different status. Here are five of those animals that you should avoid: some because feeding them will cause a lot of suffering; in other cases, because your life is in danger.

The problem with so many rabbits is that they wipe out agriculture, eat everything they can get their hands on, sneak into farms and homes, especially in regional Victoria. If you see a rabbit, don’t go near it and feed it, because you will contribute to the epidemic, and to a problem that, if not solved soon, could sink Australia economically.

Every time we travel to the United States, among other things, we are asked if we are going to bring in animals such as birds. The reason is that, because of a millionaire traveler named Eugene Scheifflin who introduced starlings into the country, there are now at least 200 million of these little birds devouring twice their own weight every day, causing losses to grain growers amounting to $1 billion.

United airlines documented pets

This extension relaxes eligibility for importation from high-risk countries, now allowing all persons to import dogs, as long as the dogs meet the requested requirements.

Dogs vaccinated against rabies in the United States by a U.S. licensed veterinarian may re-enter the United States from a high-risk country without a CDC Dog Import Permit if the dog:

If the rabies vaccination certificate issued in the U.S. has expired, the dog must receive a booster dose of rabies vaccination outside the U.S. and meet the requirements for foreign-vaccinated dogs.

For foreign vaccinated dogs coming from high risk countries, there are additional options to bring 1-2 dogs or 3 or more dogs. For more details please visit the CDC website.

Please be advised that, despite the restriction on animal transport imposed by the CDC (Centers and Diseases Control and Prevention), it is possible to obtain a Dog Import License for animals coming from countries with a high risk of rabies infection, if the strict parameters required are respected.

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