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Since June 2015 India grants “online” (one month) visas, which must be processed online PRIOR to travel, and are stamped to the tourist upon arrival in India. YOU SHOULD NOT TRAVEL IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED.

Once in India, any doubt related to your visa should be consulted to the Indian immigration authorities: Foreigners Regional Registration Offices

– Please respect the period of stay authorized in your visa and keep in mind that for activities other than tourism (work, study, etc.) a specific visa is required. Failure to comply with immigration regulations may result in sanctions imposed by the receiving country.

– Be aware that the foreign immigration authority may ask you to prove your status as a tourist (for example, by presenting your round-trip ticket, traveler’s assistance insurance, hotel reservations and/or proof of economic solvency, etc.). Inconsistencies and/or misrepresentations in your declaration as well as missing documents may result in denial of entry into the country of your destination.

Do I need a booster shot for travel?

No vaccination is mandatory to enter India, but we recommend you to go to your doctor and explain the type of trip you are going to make so that he/she can inform you about the most advisable vaccinations. The most common vaccinations are tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis, as well as malaria prophylaxis. You can only bring medicines for personal use, as customs do not allow large quantities to enter India.

You can bring euros or dollars. Upon arrival in India they are exchanged for rupees, the official currency. The exchange rate, depending on the fluctuations, is about 65 rupees per euro. Follow this link to check the updated exchange rate. The maximum amount of cash allowed to enter the country is 5,000 euros. Money can be exchanged at hotels, banks and airports. It is advisable to keep an exchange certificate to exchange currency before leaving the country, as it is not allowed to take Indian currency out of the country. Some large stores accept VISA and Travelers Cheques. To pay with VISA it is recommended to keep the receipt, address and telephone number of the store.

Invitation letter and requirements to travel to Mexico

As you may already know, most foreign travelers wishing to visit India are required to obtain a visa, regardless of the length of their stay or the purpose of their visit. There are only two exceptions to this visa requirement, which are for nationals of Bhutan and Nepal. But what if your trip has a final destination other than India and you are only transiting through India? In general, it will be mandatory to have a visa or residence permit to transit the country, but it will really depend on the length of the transit or stopover and whether the traveler is leaving the airport transit zone. For this reason, some visitors must obtain a transit visa by applying for it in advance. To do this, and as we will see in detail below, it is possible to use the online e-visa service to save time.

This means that the transit visa for India is a mandatory document if you have a stopover or transit of more than 24 hours between arrival and departure. But it also means that travelers who have a connecting flight less than 24 hours after arrival in India, but need or plan to leave the airport transit zone for any reason, also need a transit visa. For example, passengers may need to recheck their luggage to catch their connecting flight, or they may decide to stay overnight in a hotel outside the transit zone, or simply want to take advantage of the time in transit to visit around the airport.

Mexican Visa/Visa Mexicana Visa Requirements

Although the situation at the end of 2021 was very good, the arrival of Omicron brought a new wave of rapid growth. Fortunately, the curve is already at very low levels and is not being as severe as the one caused by Delta. Even so, it will be necessary to follow the evolution, as there is a certain increase in the number of infections.

There are different types of visas for travel to India. In this article we focus on tourism, so you will have to apply for the so-called e-Tourist Visa. In case your purpose of travel is other, you can also obtain online business, medical or conference visas. You will find a detailed guide to get the tourist visa in our article India visa online, how to get it?

As for the coronavirus vaccination, right now having been vaccinated is not a requirement to travel to India, but it does facilitate your entry. So remember to bring your vaccination certificate with you.

Traveling with IATI means the security of being attended in your language 24 hours a day and being able to go to prestigious medical centers without having to advance money. Also, consider that you will have other expenses covered. For example, 100% of the expenses in case you have to be repatriated or have to return home earlier due to hospitalization or death of a family member. Take out your policy now and enjoy the trip you deserve:

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