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If when we plan our trip we must know what type of plug is used in the country of destination or make arrangements such as transport and accommodation reservations, it is equally important to purchase travel insurance. It will provide you with assistance and allow you to save costs in the event of incidents that may occur during your trip: visits to the doctor or hospital, flight delays, loss of luggage, a hasty return home, etc.

Each type of plug corresponds to a letter (from A to O), although sometimes some types may fit more than one model. In general, the European plug is usually of type C, while the English plug corresponds to G and the American plug is of type A. On the other hand, in continents such as Asia or Africa, different types of plugs are used in each country.

It is very important to check which model of plug is used in the country, region or island we are going to visit, so you can purchase a universal plug adapter in advance. With this type of adapter you will no longer have to have, for example, a European to American plug adapter and another plug adapter from European to English. The universal power adapter can be easily found on the Internet, in electrical stores, hardware stores, home or department stores.

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Universal travel adapter for Europe, UK, USA, Thailand, India and more than 150 countries in the world. The ONE travel adapter has 4 USB and is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, camera, headphones or electric toothbrushes, plus an integrated safety mechanism.

I can also see myself using it at home for 4 usb Karen M slots.The most perfect travel plug ever. It’s all the charging equipment you need wherever you are in the world.

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You can not forget at home a universal power adapter because it will save your life when it comes to charging all your devices. We have chosen some of the best universal power adapters you can buy right now so you can buy them with peace of mind before you go on vacation.

The USA, Canada, Mexico and much of Latin America use the A and B type plug. In Europe and most of Africa and the Middle East we use the C, E or F plug. In India and Pakistan they use the type K plug, the UK uses type G and Argentina uses type C or I. Even in European countries such as Denmark they also use a combination of type C, F and K.

Tessan Universal Travel AdapterThis Tessan Universal Travel Adapter is available on Amazon for 18.49 euros thanks to a discount coupon you find on their page.It has several international plugs, an adapter for a plug and also 4 USB ports on the bottom.Considering that nowadays all our devices are charged by USB, it is a good option to have it handy and charge the mobile, tablet, an extra battery, smartwatch and other products.LENCENT Universal Travel Plug Adapter.

Como son los enchufes en india

2/3 Pines Clavijas India Indio Pakistán Enchufe De Viaje Adaptador de Alimentación Universal-mostrar título originalTexto original2/3 Pin Prong India Indian Pakistan Travel Plug Adaptor Universal PowerMejor Calidad, CE & ROHS aprobados, Reino Unido Vendedor, entrega rápidaTexto originalBEST QUALITY,CE & RoHS APPROVED,UK SELLER,FAST DELIVERY

Estaba en un viaje a la India donde algunos de los enchufes europeos de mis diversos dispositivos eléctricos no encajan en las tomas de corriente de la India. Pero con estos “Adaptadores de enchufe de viaje de la India para tomas de 2 y 3 pines” puedo conectar todos mis enchufes europeos a las tomas de la India.

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