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We maintain a solid commitment to the client because we have previously committed ourselves to the entire Sociedad Geográfica de las Indias team. Decent working conditions are the essential basis on which “respect” for the customer is based.

We collaborate with the NGO Mobile Creches, in the conviction that education is the best tool to fight injustice and improve people’s lives. Since 1967, Mobile Creches has been providing education, health care and a rich and balanced diet to the most disadvantaged children through an ingenious system of mobile schools.

We do not practice the system of commissions in establishments for customer purchases, the total amount of the trip is paid when the trip is booked and there are no surprises, hidden costs or “extras” at the destination, i.e. we have no small print.

We are determined to mitigate the ecological footprint that our activity may leave on the Planet. Therefore, we collaborate with the United Nations Environment Program and the NGO Grow Trees, planting a tree in the Kumbhalgarh and Kanha Nature Reserves (India) on behalf of each person who travels with us.

How much it costs to create an online travel agency

In 1976, he became homesick. He impulsively quit his job and returned to a backward ideology and economy. We never got to ask him why he returned home while others in our country were trying to immigrate to the West. He was simply determined like few others. It takes a different kind of man to uproot his family from a comfortable life and start from scratch in a new world.

One thing our parents appreciated was the value of education, and they gave us the best opportunities they could afford. In 1994 we joined the agency after gaining worldwide experiences and have never looked back since.

We are very proud to be part of a two-generation family legacy that has made this part of the world known for nearly four decades. We have grown to become a prominent, respected and independent DMC, offering the best cultural experiences, personal immersions and natural wonders throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Tibet and the Maldives.

Travel agency business

Utilizing its global negotiating strength and supplier relationships along with tailored corporate travel programs, FCM is the business travel partner of choice for large national, multinational and global corporations.

FCM offers its clients the widest range of pricing and inventory for air travel, hotel accommodation, travel insurance and vacation travel. FCM’s sister brands in India include Corporate Traveller which caters to the large-scale SME segment and Travel Tours, the vacation segment which offers vacation services to customers across India.

Legal requirements to create a travel agency in colombia

Globalization, technological advances and the pandemic have created an ecosystem in the world of travel with infinite possibilities. Travel agencies have become just one option in the vast array of opportunities available to you.

Author group tours are the ideal travel business model for travel enthusiasts who want to spend as much of their time as possible traveling and seeing as much of the world as possible.

This very special way of traveling leads to the traveler, in addition to taking a souvenir of the places visited, some photos and some souvenirs, to take a real personal transformation, learning and friends for life.

For example, you can send a proposal with transportation, budgets, excursions and recommended restaurants. All this information will be deduced based on your knowledge of the destination, but also on the good diagnosis you make about the client. You must take into account their tastes when making these proposals.

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