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The online world is opening up with special interest in the tourism sector. For this reason, being an online travel agent is becoming a very popular job. However, this does not mean that it is easy, because it is necessary to know very well how to work, communicate and monetize in the digital environment and also to have important knowledge and skills in tourism.

That is why, given the great existing competition in this subsegment, it is very convenient to opt for an official specialization that allows to attend the certification. This will give a certain prestige to the online travel agent and will open more doors to end customers.

To become an online travel agent you need to be willing to undertake and not be overwhelmed by the obstacles that may arise along the way. The first step to achieve this is to determine what your specialty will be within the travel market and try to focus on a specific market niche. You could, for example, specialize in luxury travel.

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Travel Agents assist individuals, groups or professionals in planning and organizing their travel itinerary. Such advice ranges from the purchase of tour packages to the booking of airline tickets and accommodations. As such, these professionals must be familiar with the process, as well as have the relevant flight and hotel selection skills to provide the necessary information to their clients in a timely manner. Generally, these individuals work in travel agencies; however, most choose to work independently or freelance, which allows them to earn a percentage of the amount they are able to sell.

Many travel agencies focus on a certain type of destinations and travelers, some are dedicated exclusively to offering business travel and have agreements with certain hotels and airlines, while others prefer to provide their services to those seeking to enjoy a vacation, offering pleasure or adventure travel.

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Yes, because being a travel agent is a bit like being a doctor: if your eye hurts, you don’t go to a cardiologist. It’s exactly the same in the tourism sector: if a client wants a trip to India, he doesn’t go to an agent who organizes the Camino de Santiago.

It is the agency on the street that has existed since before the Internet and that, if it continues to work, can sell you everything: from a weekend in Cadiz to a plane ticket to Ecuador, from a Caribbean cruise to a trip to Egypt.

Now, after the coronavirus they have returned to have some relevance, especially because customers who had bought through travel agencies have obtained refunds with a much higher probability than customers who had mounted the trip on their own.

This is without considering that for certain trips it is always appreciated to have an expert consultant to help clients make the best decisions, especially for those trips to exotic destinations.

This type of travel agency also suffered a lot with the arrival of the Internet and search engines such as skyscanner, but many of them have managed to reorganize and thanks to management groups such as Grupo Europa Viajes have achieved cheaper airline ticket fares than those available on the Internet and thus offer a cheaper airline ticket and a personalized service.

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