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The first step to process the visa to travel from Mexico to India is that you must go to process the visa from the nearest Indian consulate which is in Mexico City and as Mexico is not only Mexico City, those who are in other areas have to make an extra investment to go and process that document, that implied one more expense if you live outside Mexico City.

Good news for you is that nowadays and thanks to the fact that India is working on opening its nation to tourism, this process can be done online and it is very easy.

You must have the information requested in the form and fill out the application form, the data are simple such as: where you work, where you live and what places in India you are going to visit. The system called “ETA” eVisa is an electronic travel authorization, which must be requested at least 7 days prior to the date of travel.

The electronic visa fee for Mexican citizens is 80 USD. In addition, bank transaction fees of 2.5% will be charged on top of the applicable e-visa fees. The fee must be paid at least 4 days prior to the intended date of travel; otherwise, the application will not be processed. The fee is for the processing of the application and is not dependent on the granting or denial of the ETA or e-Visa.

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There are people who have paid a lot to be able to travel to India and also people who paid very little. So what makes the difference? One of the things that makes a difference in terms of cost is whether a person chooses to travel through a travel agency or if they prefer to do their itinerary on their own. The difference between the two budgets is incredibly large.

A couple on their wedding trip decided to buy an all-inclusive package from a travel agency, they traveled from Mexico to India and made a tour of several cities for 10 days, this had a cost of 100,000 MXN, that is, 7,692 USD for two (2) people. You will probably be shocked by this information, and even hopeless and disconsolate. Maybe they wanted to treat themselves and avoid complications, maybe many people have the possibility to do it and that’s fine, but for many people, it is an unattainable budget.

Below you will have a detail of what is the best way to get better prices during your trip in India. The expenses will be classified and separated by type of expenses, for example, Lodging Expenses, Food Expenses, Transportation Expenses, Miscellaneous Expenses, among others, and if you are one of those people who always wanted to travel to India and you thought it was impossible, these data and tips will help you make this wonderful decision.

How much does it cost to live in india

As far as health issues are concerned, it is essential to be vaccinated against yellow fever, while vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, rubella, mumps and hepatitis A is highly recommended, in this section we advise you not to go to the good of God. The health situation in the country is extremely delicate. Generally speaking, quality hospitals are located in large cities, are private and therefore expensive. Therefore, it is highly advisable to travel with a travel insurance that covers any possible incident.

Read Also: 15 Days in India, What to seeThe first foot in India and the first thing that occupies us is where to leave the suitcases to go to get all the wonders that India has for us so we deal with the stay. First of all, we must know that this is a delicate issue to handle, why? It involves where to leave our belongings and valuables. So it is a must to ask ourselves.

Where are you going to stay in India, this depends a lot on the scheduled time and the availability of monetary resources of each traveler, being a very individual reality, we must always remember that it is a country of extreme contrasts and the lodgings are no exception to this rule. Before continuing, a clarification, the prices that are handled below are in rupees the official currency in India, it is up to you to make your calculations, anyway, in India, they only accept rupees, so we start and we will break them down into:

Travel budget to India

Topic: where to go in India. Well, it depends. For us it was our first trip to India and although many people had told us that the north is the most touristy and most overwhelming part, we decided for this first time to do it. Just when I came back I thought I would not make a trip as hard as this one and now I am already thinking about when I will return to India to go to the south. I don’t know what you think, but we have traveled a lot and India is the hardest trip we have done by far.

In one month, there is plenty of time to do a good tour (you can see my experience in less days) but we are also those who like to go at a brisk pace. I say this because I recognize that we do not enjoy spending five days in a place, if with two days you have enough.

I just wanted to ask you a question about the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur, is this the one that is on the lake? the price of 2400 INR how much was approx. in Euros? I found it relatively cheap for the prices published on their website.

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