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Jessica Pereira: From obtaining a work visa again, you are not eligible to apply for ESTA.


If your situation does not meet the requirements to apply for ESTA online travel authorization, you can apply for a B1 or B2 B visa to go to the United States for work or tourism. The B visa is one of the many official documents that U.S. authorities can issue for travel to the U.S. The B visa is one of the many official documents that U.S. authorities can issue for travel to the United States. On this page we will explain how to apply for a B1 or B2 visa for the United States and in which cases it is possible to apply for it.

B visas are classified in three main categories, which are the B1 visa, the B2 visa and the B1/B2 visa.  We will now explain the differences between these types of B visas and the characteristics of each one.

Let’s start by finding out what the B1 visa is. Actually, the B1 visa is a specific visa intended for business travel. If you want to travel to the USA for professional reasons, such as meeting with a client or attending a seminar, you can apply for a B1 visa. Thanks to this visa, you will be able to carry out different activities and procedures in the United States, of which the most frequent examples are given below:

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The Delta variant has spread around the world and has affected several countries, including the U.S., U.K., France, Russia, Israel, Germany, Portugal, Italy, India, Indonesia, Ireland and Denmark.

They are available to U.S. visitors, U.S. Citizens and U.S. residents traveling abroad, as well as non-U.S. travelers traveling outside of their home country.

Yes! On this website you can purchase the best plan for your situation. You purchase with a credit card and they will immediately send you all the insurance documents, including a visa letter that you can submit to the consulate showing that you have medical coverage for your stay in the US.

You simply choose a plan that suits you best and purchase it by credit card. If your travel plans change, you can cancel the policy and get your money back as long as you have not started the policy. Or you can change the days of health insurance coverage as long as you have not started the policy.

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U.S. visa interview waiver is the term used for Dropbox’s service. This means that you can obtain a U.S. visa stamp without any personal interview by a U.S. visa officer.

There is no dropbox as such, but you must submit your documents at the VFS location assigned by the U.S. embassy. The ability to submit documents without an interview is called “DropBox”.

Dropbox processing time varies from 1 day to 6 weeks. We strongly recommend keeping a buffer of at least 3 weeks after dropping off your application, as you may be called for an interview. Many applications also receive form 221g and may delay your passport.

Here, the user has an H1B worker in the US and is planning to visit India to get a new H1B visa stamp with the approved H1B extension i797. He is eligible for Dropbox and can skip the interview.

You may be eligible for Dropbox individually, but one of your dependents is not. In this case, you can leave your documents separately, but your dependent will have to appear for an interview in front of the visa officer.

H1b travel from india to usa 2021

The U.S. government announced in October 2019 that beginning in November 2019 all new immigrant visa applicants must provide proof of adequate health insurance in the U.S. This new rule will directly affect new immigrant visa applications to the U.S. The goal of this mandatory U.S. Consulate immigrant visa health insurance requirement is to reduce the burden on the U.S. health care system by uninsured new U.S. immigrants.

While this rule is aimed at those applying for immigrant visas, we hear that travelers, even on other visas, are expected to have adequate short-term health insurance.The U.S. short-term health insurance plans offered here ideally work for all visas, whether visitors, J visas, H1b visas … … visas or new US immigrants. After purchasing health insurance for a US non-immigrant visa holder, clients will receive the visitor immigrant insurance document by email. Clients can show this immigrant visitor insurance document as proof of U.S. health insurance while applying for tourist visa or immigrant visa. Given the high cost of medical care in the U.S. for visitors and immigrants, in any case, it is important that all tourists and new immigrants purchase U.S. medical insurance.

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