Countries to travel without visa from india

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If the type of passport you have or the purpose of your trip is not for tourism, you should apply for the appropriate type of Indian visa by consulting the websites of the Embassy of India in Madrid or the Indian Government.

During the visa application process, you will be required to upload two files: a passport photograph and a copy of the passport data page. We recommend you to consult on the same page the specifications of each of these steps.

In addition, you will need to fill in travel information (dates, itinerary, etc.), passport and visa information or personal information such as address, job title, criminal record or details of the father and mother. After this, you will be asked to upload your passport photo and data page.

Before traveling, do not forget to check on the same website the status of your application and that it has been confirmed (“GRANTED”), as well as to print a copy. Have it handy when you leave, as you will need to present it at the immigration checkpoint at the airport, where the Indian visa stamp will be stamped in your passport.

Countries that do not require visa to India

The Indian e-visa is currently available to citizens of almost 175 countries. This means that you do not need to apply for a regular visa if you intend to visit for tourism, business or medical visits. You can simply apply online and obtain the necessary entry authorization to visit India.

It is advisable to apply 7 days prior to arrival date especially during peak season (October – March). Remember to keep in mind the standard immigration processing time, which is 4 working days.

Indian passport

The Indian visa for Dutch citizens / passport holders has been available online CLI form since 2014 from the Indian Government. This Indian visa allows travelers from the Netherlands and other countries to visit India for short stays. These short stays range from 30, 90 and 180 days per visit depending on the reason for the visit. There are 5 main categories of India eVisa (India eVisa) available for citizens of the Netherlands. The categories available for Dutch citizens to visit India under the India eVisa or India eVisa regulations are for tourist purposes, business visits or medical visits (either as a patient or as a medical assistant / nurse to the patient) to visit India.

The Indian visa for Dutch citizens will be sent by email, after having completed the online application form with the necessary information and once the credit card payment has been verified online.

Countries to travel without visa from india 2021

Mauritius has been a favorite honeymoon destination for everyone, however, this paradise is more than a destination for honeymooners. You can travel here with your family and vacation with your friends. There are endless activities to do in Mauritius such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, fishing, shopping and enjoying the nightlife. Most importantly, Indians do not require a visa to travel there. In Mauritius you can enjoy the most incredible sunsets of your life. On the other hand, from India you can get there easily.

Hong Kong provides a 14-day visa-free stay to Indian passport holders. Which means Hong Kong is one of the visa free countries for Indian inhabitants, you just have to fly to Hong Kong directly from India. Therefore, it is getting easier and easier to enter the nearest Disneyland to the Indian country.

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant countries in Asia, offering great nightlife and excellent options for shopaholics. One of the best things about the city of Hong Kong is that one can explore it with family or friends, so a period of 14 days is enough to explore the city. Moreover, all major airports in India have direct flights to Hong Kong.

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