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If you have arrived here, it is because you have already felt the “Call of India”. Whether you have always had a connection with India or if that desire to know it has come as an unexpected whirlwind, I must tell you that you are about to embark on one of the most intense and enriching journeys of your life!

India is a fascinating destination but it can be complicated even if it is your first time. After many round trips to the land of spices, trips that I have always ended up extending because I needed more of the magic of this country and several seasons living there… I share with you the most complete guide to travel to India, with everything you need to know to organize your trip saving time and money.

This type of trip is for you if you are one of those who like to travel without time or haste. For those travelers who plan to stay 2 days in a village and at the end change their plans and stay 3 weeks enjoying the experience. Keep in mind that your free trip to India can be traveling alone, with friends, with your partner…

Budget for travel to India

Many people think that traveling is expensive, but India is not the case. If we tell you that in 7 weeks traveling around the country we spent USD 1050 between the two of us you won’t believe us, right? Did we live in chapati? Did we hitchhike? Did we couchsurf everywhere? The answer to all these questions is no.

If you’re willing to walk in the bright Delhi sunshine to find the best deal to save a few rupees to allow you to travel longer, you’re one of us. Okay, sometimes you’ll wake up with a bed bug bite, or you’d rather put your sleeping bag/nylon/blanket/whatever you have on top of the sheets than not see soap and water for who knows how long. But didn’t you want to travel cheap? Come on, it’s not that way either. We only had to use our blanket a couple of times and we have no bed bug bites. Of course, to get to these prices, as for almost everything in India, you have to bargain. If you are not sure of your technique we recommend you to read Good, nice, cheap: learning to bargain.

Travel agency to India

India, without a doubt, is one of those magical destinations where traveling, more than just going from place to place, becomes a life experience and constant learning about yourself and the world; but to travel to it independently requires some requirements and preparations that have caused inconveniences to more than one.

To get to India cheaply you can look for a cheap flight through Skyscanner (Learn more in THIS LINK, about how to find a cheap flight), including stopovers in New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Moscow, Manchester, London, Athens or Istanbul, since from these cities you can find flights from 80 Euros each way depending on the season.

Basically all foreigners who want to go to India need a visa to enter the country, an international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever and a flight reservation or any other means of transport that proves the departure from the country.

All inclusive travel to India

India is a huge country so weather conditions can change a lot from one place to another…The climate there has three main seasons: hot, monsoon and cold. The cold season is the best time and goes from November to February (so we avoid the monsoons and extreme heat). June on the other hand is the worst month because of the terrible heat (central and south).

It is complicated to make a list since we have a lot to choose from, from cities to natural reserves or monuments like the Taj Mahal. Everything will depend on how many days you have on vacation and how fast you want to visit each region. It is advisable to focus on one area and leave the rest for other trips. We can do the northern area and leave the south for another occasion or the other way around.

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