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Government of India has launched an electronic travel authorization or eTA for India that allows citizens of 180 countries to travel to India without requiring a physical stamp in the passport. This new type of authorization is called eVisa India (or India eVisa).

It is this online India eVisa that allows foreign visitors to visit India for 5 major purposes, tourism/recreation/short term courses, business, medical visit or congresses. There are more subcategories in each visa type.

Please note that travelers to India from these 180 countries, who are eligible to apply for an India visa online do not need to visit the Indian Embassy or the High Commission of India in order to obtain a visa to India. If you belong to an eligible nationality, you can apply for an Indian Visa online. Once the India visa is issued electronically, you can carry an electronic copy on your mobile device or a hard copy of this eVisa India (India eVisa). The immigration officer at the border will verify that the Indian eVisa is valid in the system for the passport and the person concerned.

The marital status is shown in the passport

The payment of passport fees is carried out in Indian rupees at the exchange rate of the month in which the procedure is carried out, so it is requested to carry out the payment once you have a confirmed appointment and according to the published table.

Passport delivery time: as of February 1, 2016, with the entry into force of a new system for the issuance of passports at Mexican Embassies and Consulates, passports in G Prima passport booklets are prepared at the Center for the Issuance of Passports Abroad (CEPE) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City, which forwards them to the consular office that transmitted the applications so that they may be delivered to their holders.    It may take approximately four weeks from the filing of the application to the delivery of the passport.

NOTE: Catalog is in the process of being updated. The fees for the issuance of the passport will be those communicated when the interested party requests an appointment with the MEXITEL service or those provided directly by the Consular Office, in accordance with Article 20 of the Federal Law on Fees (LFD) in force.

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As a general rule, no visa or prior authorization is required to enter Chile as a tourist. However, citizens of certain countries will require an authorization called “Visto Consular de Turismo” or “Visto de Turismo”, obtained through the nearest Chilean Consulate, prior to entering Chile. You can obtain it through the nearest Chilean Consulate before entering Chile. Do you want to know if your nationality requires one? Keep on reading.

Foreigners of any of the nationalities mentioned in the table above can make an air stopover in Chile without the need to obtain a Tourist Consular Visa, as long as they do not leave the transit zone of the airport, i.e., as long as they do not pass through the immigration control in Chile, but in land stopovers, in which case they must always have a Tourist Consular Visa (if required due to their nationality).

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CX888 and CX865/CX889 are not pre-approved flights by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), as they operate outside the hours of service of the U.S. pre-approval processing facilities.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is mandatory for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to or through Canada by air. Travelers must apply for the eTA and receive approval prior to boarding their flight to Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid visa. For more information, visit, this link will open in a new window on a website operated by a third party and may not comply with the same accessibility policies as Cathay Pacific.

When traveling to the United States, you will be required by airport customs to present your exact address during your stay in the United States, as required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

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