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The government of India provides a kind of electronic visa or eVisa for India for business visitors. Here we cover the best tips, guidance for your visit to India when making a business trip on Indian Business Visa (Indian Business Visa or eVisa India).

The Government of India has facilitated the acquisition of Indian e-Visa online (Indian Business Visa or eVisa India) which can be an electronic process by completing the Indian e-Visa Application Form.

There are some practical matters to take care of before your arrival and if you prepare well for your stay in India and follow certain tips, you will be all set to have a successful business trip and also a pleasant stay in India. which is a country that has many stereotypes but is nothing but warm and welcoming.

Go through Indian eVisa Photo Requirements and Indian eVisa Passport Requirements, to minimize the chances of rejection of your Indian visa online for business (Indian business visa or eVisa India).

Indian visa for Spaniards

If you are thinking of traveling to India for work purposes, you should know that you will have to obtain a special work visa, specifically you will have to apply for a business visa. Although it may seem the same, it is not the same as the tourist visa.

When filling out the application form for the work visa for India, you will have to make it clear what is the purpose of the trip. In this case you should choose that the trip is for work, i.e. business. In this way, you will be directly provided with the work visa so that you can enjoy all the benefits.

It is important to be clear that the work visa can be used for sightseeing in the country, but it cannot be used to attend a conference that has been organized by the Indian government itself. In addition, it cannot be used to enroll in any educational institution in the country, just as it is important to be clear that it cannot be used to work for an Indian organization.

Currently it is necessary to present a Coronavirus vaccination certificate or PCR test at the time of travel. The objective is to prevent foreigners from introducing new variables. Although the measures have been relaxed, it is important to be informed because these measures may change at any time.

Visa for India

If the type of passport you have or the purpose of your trip is not for tourism, you should apply for the appropriate type of Indian visa by consulting the websites of the Embassy of India in Madrid or the Indian Government.

During the visa application process, you will be required to upload two files: a passport photograph and a copy of the passport data page. We recommend you to consult on the same page the specifications of each of these steps.

In addition, you will need to fill in travel information (dates, itinerary, etc.), passport and visa information or personal information such as address, job title, criminal record or details of the father and mother. After this, you will be asked to upload your passport photo and data page.

Before traveling, do not forget to check on the same website the status of your application and that it has been confirmed (“GRANTED”), as well as to print a copy. Have it handy when you leave, as you will have to present it at the immigration checkpoint at the airport, where the Indian visa stamp will be stamped in your passport.

Indian visa cost

You can complete your visa application for India very easily. Applying for the visa will take only five minutes. The visa is available from 49,95 € per person. We accept payment by debit card, credit card and Paypal.

On our website you can easily apply for your visa to India. To do so, fill out the visa application electronically. You will receive your visa within 72 hours after payment by iDEAL or Mister Cash. The easiest and fastest way to process your visa application for India. In addition, we are available for online chat and by phone if you have any questions about your visa. You can apply for a tourist visa or an employment visa for India. The cost of the visa is 49,95 € per person.

The visa for India is also available through The price is $82, and can only be paid by credit card. The application process is in English and you must check your details personally. In case of error, you must apply for a new visa.

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