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India in October


We usually depend on many factors to choose a destination. Free time and money are important, but so is the weather. Today we are going to try to shed some light on the question: what is the best time to travel to India?

In my case I tried neither one, nor the other. I traveled to India in the monsoon season. It is not that it rains all day long, but that it suddenly starts pouring and the sun comes out quickly. The combination of heat and humidity can be suffocating, although the country’s attractions make the trip worthwhile.

Best time to travel to vietnam

Home ” Blog ” Tips and recommendations ” When to travel ” What is the best time to travel to India? What is the best time to travel to India? Are you planning your trip to India and don’t know when is the best time to take your vacation? We recommend you to continue reading to discover which is the best time to travel to India and to have a quiet vacation and in which you can enjoy much more.

Summer is perhaps the time when you will see the least amount of tourists in India and is that the rains begin and comes one of the most complex times for the country: the onset of monsoon. And one interesting thing is that, despite being the rainy season, the heat increases even more than in spring, something that makes it a very bad time for visitors and tourism.

Climate of India

All Europe is entering the spring heat so it is a good time to visit almost any country. If you prefer you can also visit Jordan as it has warm weather and no rainfall. The Caribbean is already ending its high season although you can go before the rainy season starts. This month is not the best month to travel to Asia, it is its low season, with the exception of Japan or parts of China. India starts its monsoon season and so does Sri Lanka.

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Low season for travel to india

The best time to travel to India is from October to March.  India is large with diverse weather patterns.  The Himalayas prevent cold winds from reaching most of India, so winters remain warm and summers can get very hot.  Most of India is tropical and is affected by three main seasons; summer, winter and monsoon.

As the fog and mist clears in the northern states, this is one of the best months for travel as almost the entire country is warm and sunny.  Hotels are booked well in advance, so it is important to plan ahead.

Temperatures rise throughout the country, so April is one of the best months to see wildlife in the central parks.  Water is limited, so sightings at waterholes are frequent.

The stunning Ladakh region is accessible from June and offers a complete contrast to the rest of the country.  Days are sunny and clear, but you will need layers of heat.  The rest of the country is waiting for the monsoon; humidity is high and thunderstorms are frequent, especially in the Himalayas and southern states.

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