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Pankaj AnandOdisha is an ideal destination for those looking for a less touristy place that showcases something they’ve never seen before. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, its beauty of sparkling waters and pale golden-hued shores cries out to be explored.  If this sounds good to you, our recommendation is to check out Eco Retreat Odisha, this area’s glamping initiative that’s all the rage. Sleep under the starry skies of Satkosia by the breathtaking gorge of the mighty Mahanadi River, sunbathe on the pristine beach of Pati Sonapur and sink your teeth into delicious local seafood. An ideal destination to indulge the senses. Smitha MenonDon’t miss RajasthanFire dances are an exciting part of Rajasthan’s great cultural offerings.

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In central India (i.e., Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and surrounding areas) temperatures can soar into the 40s Celsius, or even 50 degrees in some parts of Rajasthan. The heat is dry in many areas, and it is simply not possible to be outside between 10 am and 4 pm.

Some parts of India receive much more rain than others: southern India generally receives much more rain than northern India, with the exception of northeast India and Bengal, which are hit by the Bay of Bengal monsoons.

This is not to postpone your trip to India, but be aware of the changeable weather. Ask locals for recommendations and monitor forecasts if you are traveling during the monsoon in particular. If you feel tired from the heat, rest instead of moving on.

This lesser-known state of India lies between Kerala to the south and Goa to the north. Perhaps best known for the ruins of Hampi, Karnataka has much to offer, including some of the country’s best wildlife parks, excellent food and some beautiful eco-resorts.

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One of the most recurrent areas in most routes, and almost a must-see in India, is Rajasthan. Here you will leave behind the big cities like Mumbai or New Delhi to enter a much more arid terrain that stands out for its various walled forts and desert walks. In the article “What to do in Rajasthan” we tell you all the details for you to explore in depth this state that has as main protagonists:

Jaipur is one of the most photographed cities in India and you will quickly understand why when you escape 11 kilometers from the center to meet the imposing Amber Fort, whose panoramic views cover practically all of Jaipur. There are many more highlights in the capital of Rajasthan, but it is undoubtedly the Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) that, yes or yes, you can not miss. Its facade full of beautiful pink balconies is a true work of art.

The most touristic places in India

Designated as the walled city of Delhi in order to contain the Mughal Empire displaced from Agra, Old Delhi becomes the heart of the Indian capital thanks to its history and dynamism. With Chandni Chowk, the great market of the city, offering aromas and colors, Old Delhi relies on monuments such as the Red Fort or the Jama Masjid mosque to remind us of the history of India in a neighborhood: from the Mughal forts and palaces to the Victorian houses established during the British Raj. A must-see.

When a city has been built using sandstone typical of the area, each of its corners is worth discovering. The Pink City of India is not only in the color of the flamingo, being one of the most psychedelic of the country: from its markets to its tattooed mantras elephants, Jaipur is a festival of color where places like the Palace of the Winds or especially the Amber Fort, whose collection of mirrors is confirms the charm that we came to look for in one of the members of the Golden Triangle.

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