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The north of the country is made up of Mughal and Rajput architecture, ancient cities and temples, deserts and Buddhism, while the south is a paradise of picturesque beaches, Hinduism, colonial coastal cities.

Thanks to the Himalayas that block the cold winds, India is always relatively warm (except for the extreme north). There are three main seasons, summer is very hot, winter is pleasant and the monsoon, well, it’s humid. The best time to travel to India is often from October to March, when temperatures are tropical but not sweltering.

For wildlife sightings, both summer (March-mid-June) and winter are favorable. While the winter season is best for spotting animals basking in the sun during the day, summer is the time when they can be seen frequently visiting waterholes.

Season: Since India experiences hot summers (in most parts) and cold winters, travelers should pack according to the month in which they plan a visit. If the trip is planned in the months between March and September, bring light woolen clothing (in the hills) and cotton clothing (in other areas) will suffice. On the other hand, if the trip is scheduled between October and February, it is advisable to bring heavy wool for North India and light wool for South India.

Prepaid card for travel abroad

I want Abanca NX ⇨ FERRATUM BANKThe Ferratum Bank account and card is also not a prepaid card like Revolut and Bnext, but a debit card.In principle they apply the official Mastercard exchange rate and you can withdraw money abroad up to 4 times a month without commissions. Although they are supposed to apply the official Mastercard exchange rate (i.e. no commissions). I have received comments saying that they do not respect this exchange rate and use a worse one. Personally I have not had this card so I can’t say anything categorically. If you are reading this and have had this card I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave your experience in the comments.The process to have this card without commissions is a bit more complicated since you need to make a videoconference to open a current account in Ferratumbank.Conditions:- Annual cost: 0€, completely free and without maintenance fees. European multicurrency account.  – Currency exchange rate: Interbank exchange (mastercard), but some users have complained that it is not real… – Cash withdrawals at foreign ATMs: 4 free cash withdrawals at ATMs per month, then 2.99€ – Foreign currency payments with the card: No commissions – Free money transfers: Yes – Extras: For security reasons, in Laos and Myanmar, the card does not work.

What is the best debit card for travel to europe?

To activate your Credit Cards abroad Scotiabank offers you a new feature to make this process online, fast and secure. Enable the use of your Credit Cards for travel abroad from your website instantly and every time you need them.

Find out about the state guarantee of deposits at your bank or CMF Find out about the entities authorized to issue Payment Cards in the country, who are registered in the Card Issuer Registries kept by the CMF at

Surprise travel card

Let’s say you’ve already signed up for the service through your bank’s app and when you arrive in your destination country you turn on your cell phone and go to the rental car company looking for that great car you want to rent. In real time, the Mobile Location Confirmation service cross-references the location of your cell phone with the location of the car rental company (i.e. the commercial establishment). In this case, the transaction will be duly approved, but if the system finds that the purchase is being made at a location distant from where your cell phone and card are located, the transaction will not be approved.

The cardholder’s experience of using the card is improved by eliminating the need to communicate travel plans to the issuing bank, as well as the frustration of having a transaction declined.

The issuing bank will see an increase in legitimate approved transactions, remembering that 48% of cardholders consider stopping using the card and switching products when a transaction is declined1.

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