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The capacity of this airline grew in its own country thanks to the confidence of Indian passengers and has been expanding in the international market to become a major airline.

For Air India, passengers are the mainstay of the company, so their safety and satisfaction are key points in the policy of treatment of travelers. Perhaps this vocation inspired the airline to use a maraja as its image, representing the desire for excellent customer service.


On Air India flights, cabin baggage should not exceed 55x35x25 cm. If your carry-on baggage is larger than this, Air India staff will most likely ask you to pay an additional fee for checked baggage.

All passengers are entitled to one piece of carry-on baggage weighing up to 8 kg and measuring no more than 55 × 35 × 25 cm on flights operated by Airbus and Boeing. On routes operated by ATR aircraft, the maximum baggage dimensions are 40 × 30 × 15 cm and up to a maximum weight of 5 kg. Additionally, the airline allows one personal item.

Flight status, cancellations and delays data provided by Flightstats data may contain errors. Always confirm the information provided here with the airline.

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The idea of this section came up because you may be like us, that when you are looking for flights, you like to compare. Many times we look for opinions of other travelers when deciding. Especially when there is not much difference in price between one and another. Or if it is very, very cheap.

We flew with Air India direct from Madrid to New Delhi in about 9 hours. In addition they are flights that leave at 10 pm, so you save a night in a hotel and arrive rested to start the day.

The maximum weight allowed for check-in is 23 kg in economic class. If you do the route Madrid – Delhi you are allowed 2 pieces of 23KG each. For any questions you can consult the Air India website.

Air India airplanes are new and modern.  One thing that caught our attention is that the windows do not have curtains to go up and down, but they darken or lighten by pressing a button.

Although they tell you it doesn’t sting, it has quite an intense flavor. If you don’t tolerate spiciness at all, you can even say that it is very spicy. They also serve a mini salad and dessert with the main course.

Air india destinations

Attention! DIRECT flights from Madrid to New Delhi Great! we can fly between Delhi and Madrid three times a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner (18 business class seats and 238 economy).

Direct flights to Delhi can be combined as the fare allows stopover! so we can look for a flight to Bombay or another city and spend a few days in Delhi. You can combine with dozens of cities! Also arriving in a city and returning from another (then you have to do a stretch by land).

A good way to get to know the capital and other regions such as the south of India (Kerala). There are as many combinations as cities to which Air India flies!! so I will not put them all but look for yourself the dates or cities that most interest you.

A good route to do in 7 days is the Golden Triangle (ie Delhi, Jaipur and Agra) and Varanasi, a must see city! It may be a short time but one day in Delhi, two in Jaipur, one in Agra, two in Varanasi and on the way back another day in Delhi. With this you can get a little idea of the country although if you can stay more than a week much better!

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