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Requirements for travel to India 2022

Although the situation at the end of 2021 was very good, the arrival of Omicron brought a new wave of rapid growth. Fortunately, the curve is already at very low levels and is not being as severe as the one caused by Delta. Even so, it will be necessary to follow the evolution, as there is a certain increase in the number of infections.

There are different types of visas for travel to India. In this article we focus on tourism, so you will have to apply for the so-called e-Tourist Visa. In case your purpose of travel is other, you can also obtain online business, medical or conference visas. You will find a detailed guide to get the tourist visa in our article India visa online, how to get it?

As for the coronavirus vaccination, right now having been vaccinated is not a requirement to travel to India, but it does facilitate your entry. So remember to bring your vaccination certificate with you.

Traveling with IATI means the security of being attended in your language 24 hours a day and being able to go to prestigious medical centers without having to advance money. Also, consider that you will have other expenses covered. For example, 100% of the expenses in case you have to be repatriated or have to return home earlier due to hospitalization or death of a family member. Take out your policy now and enjoy the trip you deserve:

It is safe to travel to India

Indian Government is finally opening the border for Indian Tourist Visa and now global tourists from eligible Indian Visa Countries can apply for Indian Tourist Visa in 2021, as almost 80% of the country is vaccinated.

At the moment, India has Air Bubble agreements with some countries, restrictions began in March 2020International charter flights frequent places like Goa and Mumbai to bring tourists to India. Stakeholders in India’s tourism industry have called on the government to open the borders.

If you have any queries or need any assistance for your travel to India or Visa for India (eVisa India), you can apply for the Indian Visa online right here and if you need any help or require any clarification, you should contact Visa India Help Desk for support and guidance.

Travel to india covid

India, it is often said, is not a country, but a continent. From the icy peaks of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, its vast boundaries encompass an incomparable range of landscapes, cultures and people.

A kaleidoscope of traditions, culture and vibrant geographies, India speaks for itself as a stirring journey. From its snow-dusted trenches, playful coastlines, natural greenery to mystical ravines of spirituality and clusters of cultural nuances that define natural beauty, India captures the heart of every tourist.

Discover the different facets of this multicolored country as it shapes your vision in every fold of its folds. With the country’s tourism divided into various forms, India has a great part for every type of traveler. To begin with, here is an India travel planner that incorporates tourist attractions, places to visit in India, how to get there and the best time to visit.

Also check the government website to make sure your port of arrival is on their approved list.  Most major airports, as well as three seaports, are OK, so you should be fine.  E-visas are valid for 60 days, but cannot be renewed.  The two-month visa will cost you $75.

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