Where to travel in south america in october

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Welcome to one of the destinations to visit in South America, cheap tourist destination and currently among the favorite attractions of Colombia, where you will have the opportunity to see the starry sky and make wishes every time you see a shooting star pass by.

Its scenic details are perfect for photography lovers, its silence for those seeking a little disconnection, its sky for those who love to contemplate the immensity and perfect for those who want to camp or there are also options of inns and boutique hotels. It accommodates all tastes.

You will pass through Uramba, Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero, places that will not only manifest themselves for their mystical, architectural and beautiful scenic legacy, but also for the variety of entertainment you will find, such as hiking, ATV rentals, gampling and ziplining.

It may be a bit far from the Chilean capital (780 km south of Santiago), but it is worth traveling by train to the city of Pucón to explore one of the best areas of the country: Araucanía. Pucon is surrounded by the Villarrica volcano, a magnificent tourist destination in South America, especially for lovers of extreme sports.

Where to travel in October beach

Do you want an amazing vacation but are on a tight budget? You don’t need to fly to another continent to do it, in South America there are fantastic places to visit. Here are 8 cheap destinations to visit.

But the panorama is very different in other beaches and in the city center. You can find rooms for two people from 15 dollars a night in hostels, while mid-range hotels start at 30 dollars.

If you like adrenaline, a good option is to visit the WMDR Yungas Road, a scenic road that you can ride a bike or walk. It has incredible high altitude landscapes and beautiful waterfalls.

In this place you can also find fairly inexpensive accommodations: a double room in a hostel costs from 10 dollars, while a mid-range hotel can cost 30 dollars per night.

Travel to Europe in October

How to get there? We recommend the new COCHA flights page. If you want to make the most of your vacation, here you can compare prices and time as well as find your flight on cheaper dates.

From April to June in the Galapagos Islands there is a transition from the hot season to the dry season, which brings a decrease in rainfall and excellent weather. But beyond that at this time is when almost all natural events can occur at the same time. Several species such as blue-footed boobies or albatrosses are in breeding season so you can witness their spectacular courtships, other species are with their newly hatched chicks and young and the decrease in water temperatures from July onwards attracts more animals that prefer the cold currents. In addition, the landscape is transformed by changing its colors due to the absence of rain – quite a spectacle!

The Pantanal in Brazil is a paradise for lovers of photography and wildlife observation. It is the largest wetland on the planet and one of the ecosystems with the greatest biodiversity where species such as anteaters, jaguars, anacondas and macaws stand out. The best time to visit the Pantanal is from April to October, when rainfall decreases along with the level of the rivers and the amount of mosquitoes.

Best destinations South America 2022

Photographing the Aurora Borealis in Finland or wildlife in Tanzania; discovering Albania, the most unknown country in Europe or touring the island of Madeira through forests and cliffs . It is not only about choosing our destination, but also about what we will do when we get there.

Traveling off the beaten track allows us to decentralize tourism, thus contributing to the de-massification and distribution of wealth in the destination countries. This is our model of responsible tourism.

Haven’t found your destination? Don’t worry. Check out all the destinations we have prepared for travel in October, without forgetting that almost all our trips can be modified to make your trip tailor-made.

We are pending the evolution of the pandemic in several of our usual destinations. As soon as we have news, we will keep you informed of the opening of borders and the different countries to which it will be possible to travel in October.

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