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10 tourist sites in the americas


DEA / M. SANTINILa Paz is located two hours north of Cabo San Lucas and its developed resorts do not detract from the relaxed atmosphere you can feel while strolling along the boardwalk or hiking along the Sea of Cortez. The marine life experiences are the main attraction of the place. You can’t miss a visit to Espiritu Santo Island.Puerto EscondidoSunset in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

GettyImagesMost viewedAccording to Time, ‘thanks to Costa Rica’s conservation efforts, forests now cover 53% of the country’s land – a dramatic change after decades of severe deforestation – and 98% of its energy comes from renewable sources, a big step toward its goal of becoming one of the world’s first decarbonized nations by 2050.’ In Costa Rica’s new hotels lies the country’s commitment to sustainability.BelizeBelize Beach.

Roberto Machado NoaBelize has taken the protection of its environment seriously and is now preparing the ground to receive more visitors with the opening of resorts where you can enjoy days of complete relaxation.ArgentinaSunset in Mendoza, Argentina.

Tourist sites in Latin America

Chile is the first choice, the country has several natural attractions such as the San Pedro de Atacama desert or its iconic Easter Island; in addition to urban infrastructure including museums, theaters and complexes such as the Palacio de la Moneda Cultural Center or the ECLAC building.

As for the exchange rate, one Chilean peso is equal to $4.54 Colombian pesos, so with a base of $1,000 you could buy 226.44 Chilean pesos. From 800 you can buy a soda or bottled water and lunch from 2,000.

Quoting yesterday, there are direct flights to Santiago de Chile from $997,273 to $2.9 million one way. Fares vary depending on time, date and airline. Travel time is about six hours.

“In terms of budget, it is going to favor traveling through Latin America, compared, for example, to Europe. In addition, they are more familiar cultures and sometimes the food can also be similar, so it is not exposing yourself to completely new traditions,” explains Camilo Duque, travel content generator.

Cheap Latin American Tourist Attractions

The world has wonderful destinations to visit. The American magazine ‘Time’ compiled 100 of the best, according to the recommendations of its correspondents and collaborators.eight places are in Latin America.(Read also: Buenaventura captivates with whales and spectacular nature).

The park has spaces that work with 100% clean and renewable energy. The adventure plans are the main activities to do.inside the park you can climb to the Douglas Tompkins viewpoint, through a trail of about 13 kilometers. Or if you prefer, go to the Chacabuco Valley to see condors and flamingos. (You may be interested in: New places in Medellín to discover in 2021).6. Puerto Escondido, MexicoThis is another Mexican destination recommended by ‘Time’. With the Pacific coast as a landscape, travelers have a guaranteed rest.

Places in America

Rio de Janeiro, BrazilThe Christ the Redeemer and the Ipanema Beaches have established it as one of the most visited cities in Latin America, with a variety of trails, scenic roads and viewpoints from which to contemplate its exuberant natural and cultural wealth.6.

Los Cabos, Baja CaliforniaThe point where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean embrace affirms its status as a mecca of luxury hospitality in Mexico with properties that stand out for the excellence of their services. With the gastronomic touch that only Mexican culture can bring to life. 7.

San José, Costa RicaFilled with sites of interest, nature and colors that reflect the history of a people, the Costa Rican capital is vital to embark on new adventures in one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world.9.

Mexico City, MexicoThanks to its cosmopolitan nature, infinite historical highlights, vast cultural, gastronomic and entertainment offerings, it will prevail as a pole of attraction for travelers from different parts of the country and the world. If you are preparing your next trip, think about these 10 tourist destinations that Latin America has for you, it has never been so safe and practical to travel, at GHL Hotels, we always strive for your welfare and likewise, we are prepared to welcome you with all possible health measures.

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