When will travel to america resume

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Among the routes are two that would allow to connect Colombia and Venezuela again. The airline Wingo was granted permission to make the trip between Bogotá and Valencia (Carabobo state) and Avianca was approved the route Bogotá – Caracas – Bogotá.

From Venezuela, Congressman José Gregorio Correa stated that the first or second week of September “flights should be resuming” between Colombia and Venezuela. “It cannot be that to go to Colombia you have to go first to Panama or to come to Venezuela you have to go first to Panama”, he affirmed in declarations reported by several media.

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“Mexico raised to the Biden administration’s government, as a priority, the reopening of regular activities on Mexico’s northern border,” stated Secretary Ebrard. This was raised by President López Obrador to President Joe Biden last June, during the visit of Vice President Kamala Harris to Mexico.

Finally, as a result of the good relationship between both countries, 3.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, 1.35 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson biologic and 2.7 million doses from AstraZeneca and Oxford University have been delivered. This gives a total of 7.55 million doses of vaccines that strengthen Mexico’s portfolio thanks to the successful bilateral relationship with the United States.

Domestic flights and interprovincial travel restart on the 15th

Although plans vary from reactivation by economic sectors to relaxation of mobility restrictions by municipalities, most Latin American countries are taking their first steps to lift the measures applied during the pandemic.

As of April 27, outdoor sports such as running and walking will be authorized, individually, respecting distances, with strict protocols of schedules and perimeter of displacement, in coordination with Mayors and Governors- Maria Paula Correa (@mariapcorrea) April 20, 2020

But although the Government’s intention is to maintain the limitations for at least a month, pressure from different economic sectors, especially the automotive sector, is already being felt. On April 9, for example, the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), met with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Rojas, so that the legislature would help convince the Government of López Obrador to include this industry as part of the essential work. In addition, on April 29, 11 Republican and Democratic U.S. senators asked Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State, to intervene on behalf of several industries in Mexico because they are “an integral part of the U.S. supply chain” Although the federal government has not made a specific statement on this request, it did announce that it is working on a timetable so that automakers and their suppliers in Mexico can return to work and coincide with the activation of the automotive industry in the United States as of May 4. It is not in vain that this sector is one of the most important in the economic pact between the two countries and Canada.


To curb the spread of the coronavirus and protect the health and well-being of all Europeans, it has been necessary to impose some travel restrictions. The European Commission is making every effort to allow people to join friends and family and to travel for work purposes, as well as to ensure the free movement of citizens, goods and services, in full compliance with health and safety measures.

The exchange of data between Member States’ contact-tracing authorities can be particularly important in situations of close proximity in cross-border travel, such as on planes or trains. Member States can use digital passenger tracking forms to collect data on those entering their territory through cross-border travel. In order for Member States to exchange relevant data through the exchange platform developed by the Commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Commission published on 17 March 2021 draft measures laying down the necessary legal conditions for the processing of such personal data.

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