When will it be safe to travel to south america

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Some airlines are canceling and/or modifying routes due to the risk associated with Coronavirus. This is the case of Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Qatar Airways, Air France, Delta Airlines, British Airways or American Airways. To find out detailed information about your flight, the best thing to do is to contact the airline directly so that they can inform us of the status of our flight and whether it has been affected by the coronavirus. In a context as changeable as the current one, dominated by uncertainty, this is the most effective way to get out of doubts. And of course, check beforehand the new policy of the airline, as many of them have relaxed their conditions to ensure the safe flow of travelers.

Not all insurances are the same, so it would be necessary to review the conditions of each one. Except in the case where the insurance covers cancellation for any reason, it is quite possible that, if you decide to cancel your trip for fear of coronavirus, the insurance will not cover it. Another thing would be if the government decided to prohibit travel to that destination, in which case it would be covered.

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Scalpel. Hammer. Sierra. no man no! you are not going to operate on a knee, you are going to Latin America! We know that your family has been shaking their heads when they heard that you are going on a trip to South America because they may have heard that it is not at all safe to travel. We’re going to try to help you put her mind at ease. You can also drop the self-defense classes that you won’t need, at least on your trip!

In the accommodation it can be a great help to ask the staff and find out which areas are the least safe, but not the most dangerous, so you can avoid them. In addition, there are a number of mobile applications for traveling to South America that are sure to be of great help, blessed technology!

Two more things: don’t drink tap water! In some countries the water is not even drinkable, in others it is, but your body, not being used to it, may react to the difference. Also take into consideration that there are areas in South America at high altitudes and you can experience the so-called altitude sickness, nothing will happen to you and it is as simple as drinking plenty of water (bottled) and rest or go down from wherever you are.

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We travel more and more and for different reasons: tourism, work, business, humanitarian cooperation, and we sometimes travel to very distant places. In all these situations, we must take a series of precautions to protect our health.

In the same way that we organize details relating to transportation and stay, it should also be standard practice to take the necessary health measures to reduce the risks associated with travel, by consulting specialized health professionals at international vaccination centers and health centers.

If your destination is a tropical or subtropical country with endemic malaria, you should be aware that malaria is a serious disease transmitted by a mosquito (Anopheles) that injects the malaria parasite into the blood when it bites.

Although there are four species of the malaria parasite that can infect humans and produce the disease (Plasmodium falciparum, P. malariae, P. vivax and P. ovale), it is only P. falciparum that is potentially life-threatening. There is a real risk that anyone of any age can contract this disease.

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Possibly your main fears about whether it is safe to travel to South America are related to what you have seen on TV. But no, neither Pablo Escobar is going to try to kidnap you in Colombia nor will the FARC. Plan your trip by educating yourself about places where there may be conflict and avoid them. But avoiding a place in conflict does not mean avoiding a country. The Philippines, Thailand or India are destinations that are currently experiencing a tourist boom and all of them suffer from armed conflicts in some of their regions. The same is true when traveling to South America. Do not hesitate to visit the wonderful beaches and villages of countries such as Colombia, Ecuador or Brazil for fear of whether it is safe to travel to South America or not. Choose what to visit in each destination based on its safety.

Another major concern of travelers who wonder if it is safe to travel to South America has to do with health: What do I do if I need medical assistance in South America? Are there good medical centers? The answer is yes. South America has top-notch hospitals in all its countries. For example, Venezuela, currently in crisis, has one of the best hospitals in all of Latin America. These hospitals usually cover the citizens of the country free of charge, but when it comes to emergencies for tourists, prices skyrocket. Traveling to South America with a good travel medical insurance will make you not have to worry at all about this kind of expenses, everything will be covered.

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