Whats so Despicable ME An Exploration on Universal Studios Most Recent Attraction

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What’s so despicable but not really a despicable one? It’s none other than, Despicable Me! As for your information, it is a movie that tells a story how a villain had a change of heart and how his path was redirected by three little girls who he despicably adopted. He was also with his minions-those busy, little, goggled, banana-hued workers and creative details- in every plan he has in mind. But actually, the movie didn’t stop there; it’s brought to life from its 2D cartoon world to the real 3D world of excited guests that visits the new theme park.

While 33 minions are prepping the other side of the building with paint, ladder and other construction equipments, the theme park starts right away from the door with its boxy, beige structure representing the sleek and domesticated house of Gru, the appalling protagonist of the movie.

The minions were never underrated as they appear on the first segment of the waiting area where a quiz about them is displayed and some sort of movie recaps. The outset has made an emphasis on the domestic living of Gru through the painters’ state of the art masterpieces where they have to use a giant stencil to paint the pattern and their use of a weather-sensitive paper to keep everything fresh.

Guests now step on the second queue of the theme park, a very spacious 40-feet tall ceiling and furnishings that represent elements of Gru’s cinematographic living room. “The look of the film is very vertical, so we wanted to copy that,” Mark West says, the executive producer.

To grace the room, some of the pieces in the film were realized just like that very controversial SR-6 shrinking gun (used to shrink the moon in the film), those Grecian urns featuring minions in togas, a painting of the head of the Bank of Evil that a rhino-inspired easy chair and many more.

The next stop shows an 80-inch screen showing minions in action and instructions on how to wear the 3-D glasses which starts a long string of “minion-gags”.

Before the guests take the ride, they enter Gru’s lab and where they shall be minion-ized then afterwards, they’re introduced to a fart gun. After this, the girls shall take the guests in minion training. Then, minion trainees enter the main room where rows of benches that seat 4 passengers. The whole thing is like the Jimmy Neutron experience.

As the 3-D film plays on, a little bit of motion alongside the ride’s motion simulation also takes place which also includes some series of ups and downs, bumps and surprises. Minions in action take the center stage: some on treadmills, some are dodging giant fly swatters, some form pyramids and some vie for bananas.

The theme park exits how the movie did where people can prance and skip in the rhythm of “Boogie Fever” alongside with cute costumed-character minions.

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