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Cheapest country in Latin America to travel


If you are thinking of cheap places to vacation in the vast South America, you will not be short of options. Moreover, these destinations offer you something that goes beyond any budget: when you land there you will feel like you are just a few steps away from what we could call paradise.

On the legendary Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America by volume, are the equally mythical Uros Islands. They are artificial islands on the waters of the lake, which Bolivian and Peruvian natives built in the pre-Columbian era for the purpose of habitation. The Uros are supported by reeds, so constant maintenance work is necessary to ensure buoyancy. On these islets, residents fish and hunt birds and, of course, welcome tourists with open arms. The low cost of living, coupled with an extremely rich traditional culture, make the Uros Islands one of the cheap destinations in South America that cannot be missing on your travel bucket list.

One of the perfect cheap destinations in South America to rest and relax completely. In the seaside resort of Cabo Polonio, 260 km from Montevideo, the streets are dirt roads and there is no internet or electricity (although many establishments have their own generator). Access is a bit restricted, usually reached on horseback or by 4×4, but the scenery of virtually deserted beaches, huge dunes and sea lions will make any visitor can do without all the superfluous modernities.

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What budget do I need for backpacking in South America? Is transportation very expensive? Is it possible to camp? How do you travel so cheaply? These and many other questions are the most frequently asked when planning a trip for the first time.

There are as many answers as there are travelers. In this kind of guide I will try to share the keys that made it possible for Juan and I to travel for 18 months with U$D 7 per day between the two of us. The more gas-guzzling/scratchy/broken version of me (and not for that reason unhappy, much less dirty) is about to be unveiled.

So if you’re thinking of taking a trip and don’t have a lot of money, put the water for tea (I don’t drink mate), bring your notebook, and stay put. Coming soon is a guide on how to put together a backpacking budget for traveling in South America.

Normally, and regardless of the type of trip, the budget is divided into three basic elements: transportation, food and lodging. The first part (except within cities) is solved by hitchhiking. Even in countries like Bolivia, where buses are very cheap, we choose to extend the thumb: we do not do it only for economic reasons.


Pin16Share13TwitterWhatsApp29 ShareTraveling from Mexico to other countries in the world does not necessarily imply having a fortune, because there are places where you can have a good time with a ridiculous budget of up to 20 dollars a day.

The hotel and gastronomic offer of this country with more than 1.240 million inhabitants is inexpensive and delicious, respectively. Food can be so cheap that a full breakfast could cost you less than a dollar. There are also buffet-style restaurants for as little as $1.50.

Indonesia is one of the best places in the world in terms of quality and price. A captivating destination with beautiful white sandy beaches and colorful landscapes, where you can dive, surf and practice other sea sports.

In addition to being delicious, the traditional dishes are inexpensive. They cost between 3 and 4 dollars. Renting a car costs an average of 15 dollars per day, a very good price if you consider the comfort the country offers and the fares you can save to visit more places.

Cheapest country to travel in the Americas

Great tourist attractions, and very autochthonous places in Bolivia! If you want to find a place very different from many others that exist in Latin America, this place is for you. La Paz, has a lot to show us, and not only its capital, you can find everything in this beautiful country, from historical places to cultural heritage full of nature and resources worthy of witnessing.

Colombia is also a country that has plenty of things to discover, from beaches to much more commercial attractions, such as fashion and cultural attractions. You can have a lot of fun with little money, and even just by sitting in a park and having a beer or a drink with your friends, you will already be having a good time because the joy of the place is contagious.

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