What age can you travel alone to america

I am 17 years old, can I travel alone by plane to Spain?


Y es que los viajes en grupo con monitor están muy bien, pero hay quien prefiere viajar solo para que la inmersión sea mayor. Además, los programas con viaje individual ofrecen una mayor flexibilidad de fechas.

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At what age can you travel alone in an airplane without authorization?

It is available the option to increase the weight of the suitcases that exceed 10kg up to a maximum of 23kg paying 30 eur / 30gbp / 30usd / 30chf. If they exceed 23kg up to 32kg the cost will be 60 eur / 60gbp / 60usd / 60chf. It is not allowed to hire additional pieces of luggage for the baby.

To facilitate the processing and speed up the process, it is necessary that you complete the travel form below and print 1 copy to be handed in at the check-in counter, our staff will distribute the forms to Air Europa staff.

For minors, there are specifications regarding the documentation required to fly, which vary depending on the nationality and requirements of the countries involved in the trip. We tell you the details in our “Documentation for Minors” section.

I am 16 years old and I can travel alone by plane

For international flights it is essential that both parents sign a travel authorization for minors if one of the parents will not be attending the trip or are separated. This is a document that will be requested by the customs agent on a mandatory basis.

You should also check with the embassy of the destination country to see if you need any extra documentation such as a visa (Check the following link if you want to know what papers you need to travel to the United States. For domestic flights the papers you will be asked at the airport for a minor to travel alone will be:

* Average price per day of the standard product for travel durations between 7 and 14 days, by car or plane to domestic destinations. By train or plane for European destinations: 3 euros and rest of the world: 5 euros.

If I am 17 years old, I can travel alone by bus

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– They must have an authorization (Dichiarazione di Affido) from the local police (Prefecture of Police), or, if their parents reside abroad, an authorization from an Italian embassy or consulate. The Dichiarazione di Affido cannot be authorized by the airport police. Without this authorization they cannot leave Italy.

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