Unsafe places to travel in south america

Safest places to travel in Latin America


Blog de AVI SegurosRegresoDiscover South America with your travel insurance11/02/2020AVI Travel Insurance offers you its selection of 10 unmissable during your trip in South America. Discover the most beautiful places in South America.

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One of the most impressive excursions in the Argentine Patagonia. A walk along its 5km length, a boat trip or even a guided hike on the glacier will allow you to appreciate its intense colors.

Bohemian and very colorful, it is recognized as a World Heritage City. Admire its hills, stairways and funiculars, scattered around the city, and decorated with the most impressive graffiti.

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Costa Rica is consistently rated the safest country in all of Central America and the Caribbean, incredible news for anyone looking for a tropical paradise to escape to. Home to dozens of pristine beaches, tropical temperatures, volcano hiking trails and waterfall-covered pools, Costa Rica is truly a slice of heaven on earth.

Quickly making the list of Central America’s safest countries, Panama has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for anyone seeking relaxation and adventure. The perfect combination of travel and vacation, Panama is replete with tropical beaches, fascinating wildlife, plenty of history and the world-renowned engineering marvel: the Panama Canal.

If you’re looking for something that’s safer than safe, there are a number of river cruises that will take you deep into the Amazon and are considered one of the safest ways to visit the region.

Rated as the third safest country in Central America, Nicaragua is beautiful and safe to travel in under some well thought out circumstances. While the country has been experiencing some political unrest, if you travel with caution, you can travel safely. One of the best ways to do this is to visit the country with a reputable travel company.

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The alternation between the left-wing party, the FMLN, and the right-wing party, ARENA, never solved the problems of security or economic prosperity, and was simply a fictitious alternation, in which there was a power pact, where the real winners were the elites of each political party.

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America has, in its geography, some of the most remarkable tourist destinations to visit, while some countries stand out for a high level of insecurity for foreign visitors.

The health and safety services company, International SOS, informs us about these ten countries, with a dose of insecurity, in which we must take extreme precautions if, in any way, we want to travel to the interior of their borders. For this purpose, the reports of the Foreign Office Departments of the United Kingdom and the United States are also included.

The most recent ratings and detailed information on its specific risks, have moved the aforementioned company to include Venezuela in this ranking, specifying that we are talking about one of the most insecure countries in America for international tourists.

The country had appeared as a ‘red’ destination in the so-called ‘Annual Travel Risk Map’, in its 2020 edition. However, the nation’s profile for this 2021 has been upgraded to ‘moderate to high risk’.

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