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Surprise at the sudden announcement by the United States to allow the

In case you want to travel only to Scotland the tour par excellence is “Scottish Culture”, basically an all INCLUSIVE trip, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Avimore, Loch Ness and Fort William, among others.

If you are looking for a more English plan, then “South England and Wales” is the trip for you. London, Brishton, Dover, Canterbury, Greenwich, with the possibility of extra nights in the capital.

We have more capacity to buy than a traveler looking for the same services separately, and so for the same cost you have all the services included, and with a money back guarantee if something goes wrong.

The best thing to go to this destination is anticipation. Prices start to go down from 3 months in advance. There is no better idea than to decide the trip you want as soon as possible and make the reservation in order to avoid later increases, prices in trips always tend, with some exceptions, to go up.

We also organize fly and drive type trips, even with B&B, fill in our form and we will prepare your tailor-made trip with your rental car and all the necessary services in a jiffy.

Solicitarán visas para ingresar al Reino Unido

Bristol (Bath), Inglaterra, Reino Unido En asociación conConocida recientemente como la ciudad más cool de Gran Bretaña, Bristol cuenta con una escena musical burbujeante y diversa y una excelente vida nocturna, así como con una gran cantidad de industrias creativas (desde tipógrafos a la antigua hasta revistas de viajes de moda) que han surgido alrededor de sus muelles y de los coloridos barrios de la ciudad. El muelle de Wapping se ha convertido en un nuevo destino gastronómico, y su distrito de Cargo está formado por contenedores marítimos reconvertidos que albergan tiendas, bares y galerías.  El ambiente enérgico de Bristol se ve favorecido por los estudiantes de su universidad de primera categoría, que contribuyen a alimentar su ambiente juvenil y su perspectiva contracultural. Por el contrario, Bath es la prima más gentil, una atractiva combinación visual de historia georgiana y romana, llena de arquitectura elegante y fotogénica. Un paseo por la calle principal, Stall Street, lleva a las históricas casas de baños y a las populares tiendas de moda, delicatessen y boutiques independientes, todo ello en una pintoresca combinación de lo antiguo y lo moderno. Entre las dos ciudades se encuentran algunas de las mejores ofertas gastronómicas y comerciales del País Occidental y, como acto doble, ofrecen una experiencia metropolitana atractivamente variada.

Several Latin American countries suspend flights with the UK.

The United Kingdom has a two-tier system for international travel: a “red list” of countries and territories and a “rest of the world” list.  If you have to follow the “red list” rules, you must do so whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

In order for you to enjoy your stay as much as possible, we recommend that you organize your next trip ahead of time and check all the important services and places. In order to ensure that we all do our bit to travel responsibly and take care of the environment, we have prepared some general points to help you organize your trip when you are allowed to travel again:

Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments in British hospitals deal with serious emergencies. If you need help or medical attention in a non-life-threatening situation, you can call 111 to access the NHS 111 service.

Foreign travelers may have to pay for hospital care. We strongly recommend that you make sure you have an adequate insurance policy before traveling. There will be no charge for coronavirus testing and treatment.

Chaos at British airports due to the cancellations of

The Embassy has expanded its work in Colombia to support UK interests and identified opportunities for British companies in Colombia in new areas such as infrastructure, science and innovation, higher education, among others. The Embassy provides consular assistance to British citizens in the country. Bogota is home to the UK’s largest visa operation in South America and has now become a hub for Central America.

If you are in Colombia and need urgent assistance (for example if you have been attacked, arrested or lost your passport), please call +57 601 326 8300. If you are in the UK and are concerned about a British citizen in Colombia, please call 020 7008 1500.

If your passport has been stolen, you will need a police report before an ETD can be issued. You can obtain one online. Please print a copy of the report and bring it to the Embassy on the day of your appointment.

If you are a British citizen traveling abroad and need to apply for a visa to visit a particular country or check if you need a visa, visit our travel recommendations to see the entry requirements for the country you plan to visit.

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