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“Christopher Columbus discovered America.” We recite this sentence as a mantra almost from the moment we are conscious. And although the fact that “Christopher Columbus discovered America” is considered one of the axioms of human history, not one word in this sentence is correct.

Was his crossing of the Atlantic the longest sea voyage of his day? No. The Portuguese explorers who rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 sailed away from the shelter of the coasts for much longer periods and their voyages were more hazardous.

A personality like that of Columbus is prone to the proposition of theories of all kinds, and there is hardly a European nation that has not at one time or another spawned theories that ascribed to Columbus its nationality. Columbus, simply Genoese, is undoubtedly the most serious of the theories, or at least the one most based on facts.

With so many myths, legends and mysteries, the image that emerges of Columbus is not the idealized one with which he was presented to us in elementary school. Nevertheless, we continue to consider Columbus as one of the great personalities of the Renaissance.


La nueva política de viajes de EE.UU. que exige la vacunación de los viajeros extranjeros a Estados Unidos comenzará el 8 de noviembre. Este anuncio y la fecha se aplican tanto a los viajes internacionales por aire como por tierra. Esta política está guiada por la salud pública, es estricta y consistente. Kevin Munoz (@KMunoz46) October 15, 2021

Las aerolíneas estadounidenses están ansiosas por comenzar a reunir de manera segura a las innumerables familias, amigos y colegas que no se han visto en casi dos años. Airlines for America (@AirlinesDotOrg) October 15, 2021

The Voyages of Christopher Columbus: The Discovery of America

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Painting of Vasco da Gama on his arrival in India, carrying the flag used in the Discoveries: The arms of Portugal and the Cross of Christ, sponsors of the expansion movement initiated by Henry the Navigator. Christopher Columbus

The project to find the sea route to India was devised by John II of Portugal as a measure to reduce the costs of trade with Asia, in an attempt to monopolize the spice trade. With Portugal’s maritime presence becoming more and more solid, John II longed for the domination of trade routes and the expansion of his kingdom, which was beginning to transform into an empire, but after having rejected the project of Christopher Columbus, and after the discovery of America by Castile, his interests were endangered despite the successive treaties of Alcaçovas and Tordesillas. Although John II was the main promoter of the project, the enterprise would not be carried out during his reign, but during that of his successor Manuel I, who would designate Vasco da Gama for this expedition, maintaining as far as possible the original plan of his predecessor.

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