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Flights to australia from the united states


Australia in 2 weeks: Here we can be a little more flexible because we have a few extra days that we can spend to move more travel in Australia is possible, but yes or yes we have to have some money that we will have to invest in transportation. It is easy to hitchhike in Australia but if you only have two weeks, I do not recommend tips to economize your trip in Australia if you have two weeks, are the same as if you have ten days. Take the opportunity to travel by night train to save on accommodation.Don’t miss these tips for cheap travel: everything you need to know.Route through Australia in 1, 2 or 3 months:Now we are talking baby. I know that not everyone has a whole month of freedom, believe me I know, but Australia is so huge and so far away, that if you are going to invest that money in tickets to get to the country, then spend as much as you can. Now that we have all these days in front of us to tour this giant island, let’s move on to general tips. How to travel cheaply in Australia


If we want to fly to Australia from Europe, we have offers to make the flight from almost all capitals, making a first stopover usually in London, Paris or Frankfurt and maybe another in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan or Dubai.

British Airways, Iberia, Alitalia, Qantas, Air France, Lufthansa … all offer flights from Europe to Australia for about 1000 € round trip. The season to buy the cheapest tickets is generally from the end of Easter to the beginning of July, when it is winter in this part of the world.

The main airports are all connected by bus to the city. You will also find cab service and in some cases train service. Another option is to rent a car in the same terminal and start your tour of Australia driving.

Flight times from united states to australia

I am glad to be in contact with you again, in this opportunity, I am giving you new information that can be very useful to make the process much more COMFORTABLE and friendly; we are talking about the most exciting moment, THE TRIP TO AUSTRALIA from your country, where your project finally becomes a reality and starts a new kind of process.

Taking into account that only from these cities there are flights to Australia, you should keep in mind that some of them will be your first stop and why not, consider enjoying a few days in that city/country, taking advantage of the fact that it is an obligatory step, this way you will get to know it and have a much more interesting experience.

Generally when the trip is for tourism or studies with a time less than 3 months, you can get very interesting promotions, where the ticket is the same price or even cheaper buying the two segments separately, even if it is on different airlines.

A plane ticket from Bogota (Colombia) to Melbourne (Australia), costs U$3000.oo, but a promotion was obtained traveling by Aerolineas Argentinas, paying U$700.oo from Bogota to Buenos Aires and five days later, there is a flight Buenos Aires – Sydney – Melbourne that costs U$2100.oo flying by Quantas Airlines.


The most recommended option is to arrive in Australia from the north (Darwin) and return from Sydney. This saves you an internal flight that is as expensive as a flight to a European country. Our recommended routes are set up like this, but if you already have the return flights from Sydney for example, you can easily adapt it.

In the Detailed Route for Travel to Australia (Jun-Sep) or for travel from October to May we will also explain how to get from the airport or station to the hotel. In most of them there are buses that work perfectly and we will tell you where to take them and their price. And when it is best to take a cab, we will give you the indicative price so you won’t be taken for a ride!

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