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What happens if you bring together two lovers of getaways and adventure? Well, the inevitable, they will travel through Latin America without a return ticket! Diane and Mauri, French and Argentinian, authors of the blog Sudamérica Mon Amour are discovering the continent and have granted us this interview full of emotions, tips and anecdotes.

And as you might suspect: two passionate travelers have joined in this adventure through South America and have created this blog to share experiences and try to spread this desire to leave everything behind, pack the backpack and go out to enjoy life.

We suspect that this big trip requires a lot of preparations, how did you organize yourselves and what do you think that everyone who undertakes a long trip should equip themselves with? It seems that sunscreen is a must, isn’t it Mauri?

Good attitude, positivism, patience, understanding, a good camera and a lot of initiative. Organization is almost indispensable, although everything is blurred once you get on the plane, the administrative aspects are important: visas, vaccinations and insurance. Alternative plans, such as distributing the budget, being clear about what you want to do and what is not a priority, in order to avoid frustrations. It is not nice when everybody talks about that tour or that island and you only have enough money to stay at the pier!

Round the world package

The bad thing about the idea of going around the world is that you get the urge to see everything. As the inveterate traveler that you are, you have an amazing list of places you would like to visit, and you think that now is the time to see them all in the same trip. Wrong.

This is the key moment. You have to think about the time you have available and the stops you want to make in your “must-sees”. There will be places that you have very clear that you do not want to cross off the list, and others that possibly do not fit in the itinerary or make your budget go up a lot. These, you discard.

And at Christmas, we received our first group to spend 7 days in New York. Did you know that we have started to travel around the world with small groups of maximum 10 people? Would you like to travel in a group with us?

If on the other hand you have little time to travel around the world, and you know more or less how many days you want to spend in each destination, it is best to book the complete itinerary in advance. Or at least the flights between continents.

What is international travel

All international travel requires a passport. If you are traveling to another country, you will need a passport to board your international flight and enter the country. Passport cards will not be accepted as identification for international air travel.

To enter the U.S. through the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), each passenger must have a machine-readable passport. If your passport does not have a machine-readable zone, you will need to have a valid visa.

Permanent residents of Australia and all visa-exempt foreign travelers will need a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization (NZeTA). This requirement takes effect from October 1, 2019 for travelers traveling to or from New Zealand.

If you cannot present a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate you will be denied entry to Nicaragua and will have to return to where you came from on the next available flight.

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