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Thinking of taking a trip to Japan in 14 days? These are the first doubts that arose when we started planning our trip around the world. So now that we have already lived it, as always, here is our experience and all the doubts solved. We tell you step by step how to organize the route and itinerary, how much it costs, what is the best time and how to get there.

Keep in mind that this is the season in which the Japanese travel the most, so in these dates mass travel is the most common. Our recommendation is that you book your 14-day trip to Japan well in advance to avoid finding yourself with sky-high prices for accommodation and transportation.

To avoid the crowds in the most famous places of this route, it is best to leave November aside and organize the trip in early December, when the trees keep their amazing colors but there is not so much tourism.

Japan has 2 international airports that can be reached from anywhere in the world: Tokyo and Osaka. The ideal, if you find a good price, is to enter through Tokyo and leave through Osaka.

All-inclusive trip to Japan

The price of the flight to Japan is usually the most expensive part of our trip to the country. And together with the Japan Rail Pass and accommodation, it forms a triangle that takes most of the budget of our trip. That is why it is so important to try to find the best and cheapest flights, because this can be the difference between traveling cheaply to Japan or not.

But whether the price of the flight is cheaper or not, it is clear that it is an important investment. And once the flights are purchased, there is usually no turning back and our trip to Japan starts to become a reality.

That is why, in addition to the price, questions arise about issues such as documentation, visas, travel insurance, airlines, etc. So we are going to give answers to all that in this post to make finding the flight as easy as possible.

We have a post with more tips for cheap travel in Japan, dealing with other aspects of the trip than flights. In it we explain many details to keep in mind to save on transportation, accommodation, food, activities and more.

Flights to Japan from Mexico

However, traveling to Japan has never been as easy for the rest of the world as it is now. Many airports operate international flights, from Tokyo and Osaka to Naha and Fukuoka. For the intrepid traveler, arriving in Japan by ship is an alternative.

Japan’s main airports are located just outside the major cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Narita Airport is an hour’s fast train ride from Tokyo, in the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. Serving most international destinations and with a wide range of domestic flights, the airport is deservedly known as the gateway to Japan. For more information on this airport, click here: Narita Airport: Airport website

Flying directly to the metropolis from anywhere in the world has become a reality thanks to the development of Haneda, Tokyo’s city airport. Haneda Airport, which once operated only domestic flights, has become an international airport offering travelers the possibility to reach central Tokyo in just half an hour from the terminal. For more information, click here: Haneda Airport: Airport website

Cheapest dates to travel to Japan

It is a country of constant contrasts between ancient and modern, where you can enjoy a trip through nature and even include a few days of sun and beach in one of its islands if you travel in summer.

Not to be missed: Tokyo where we recommend at least 4 days to get to know the city and make some trips to nearby towns (Niko, Mount Fuji). In Tokyo you will be in a few moments in postmodern neighborhoods and high technology or get lost in Kagurazaka where you will enjoy a very local atmosphere.

Okinawa where the Japanese summer vacation in summer, with more than 150 islands. Exotic islands, turquoise waters and totally away from the pace of life of the big Japanese cities. If you want a few days at the beach on your trip to Japan, staying in Okinawa (Tokashiki Island, Yakushima Island, Miyako Island) is an excellent option and little known by Europeans.

If you are traveling with your family and kids, besides all that Japan has to offer, you can enjoy the Disney resort in Tokyo or Legoland and Universal Studios in Osaka. As far as theme parks are concerned, you have them all!

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