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between Italy and the United States, Prezzolini explores with cultured and amusing eyes the world and culture of pasta, illustrating its history, anecdotes, poetry, recipes, vocabulary and literature.

After consulting managers and staff, the Secretary-General proposed that first instance cases should not be examined by a single judge sitting in five different locations, as recommended by the Reform Group, but by groups of judges, who would be responsible for the review of the cases.

After consulting managers and staff, the Secretary-General had proposed that first-instance cases should be considered not by a single judge sitting in five separate locations, as the Redesign Panel had recommended, but rather by

Lonely planet

From the luxury giants that cut the sky of New York, to the Canadian roads, where wild nature peeks through the window. The mystery surrounding the Mayan, Aztec and Chechen Itza ruins in Mexico, one of the seven wonders of the world; the smoking volcanoes, thick jungles and palm-lined beaches of Costa Rica, pure life; the streets suspended in time in Havana, the multicolored reefs of Bocas del Toro, the spectacular Panama Canal, the citadel of Machu Pichu, the tango of Buenos Aires and the imposing glaciers near the end of the world.

American Republic

TRAVEL TO AMERICA 2022, CIRCUITS AND ORGANIZED TOURS. Do you want to live a phenomenal vacation and know the best places in America? We take you to great tours through all the regions of the American continent with our combined circuits at the best price, you will have incomparable moments!

Dare to travel the American lands from north to south to appreciate its immeasurable beauty and great diversity in every sense. From the most cosmopolitan cities to the most authentic villages, every country has countless wonders to show you.

We have organized tours of the American continent as varied as its territory, which means that you can opt for a guided tour or a driving route, as well as making your choice among our various travel categories.

The landscapes and orography are very varied, marked especially by the Andes Mountain Range, which crosses the country from north to south and divides it into the three regions mentioned above. Ecuador has seventy volcanoes, fourteen of which are still active, being precisely the Chimborazo volcano the highest peak of the country, with more than six thousand meters of altitude. The country also has the highest concentration of rivers per square kilometer, including the Guayas and Esmeraldas.

Myanmar (burma)

With this in mind, it occurred to us that the best thing we could do now, was to keep you informed about the changes that some of the most visited countries in Latin America are implementing regarding tourism: if borders are closed, if you can travel inside, if you have to be tested before or after, etc.

The virus can remain on surfaces for a long time after an infected person coughs, sneezes or exhales. So it is very easy for another to catch it by inhaling it or if, after touching a contaminated surface, they touch their eyes, nose or mouth.

After discovering how easily it spreads, several countries have decided to close their borders and/or isolate their citizens to avoid a possible collapse of health centers. These measures have not only caused a humanitarian disaster, but have also paralyzed several key sectors of the Latin American and Caribbean economy, such as tourism.

The uncertainty may cause less interest or motivation to travel to destinations far from Europe, but that is exactly why we will try to explain every detail and, above all, keep you informed about the current situation.

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