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TOP places in STOCKHOLM! The Capital of Sweden 2022

Northern European weather can be a bit confusing for those living in other latitudes. So, if you’re not sure when to travel to Sweden, read on. It’s not enough to avoid winter. In fact, December may be the best time to travel to Sweden. It all depends on what you want to see once there.

The best time to see it, although not always possible as weather phenomena are not under human control, is winter. Bundle up and travel in December or January to put luck on your side.

Kiruna is also the key destination to see the so-called midnight sun in Sweden. The phenomenon occurs during the summer. At this time of year, the sun shines almost without interruption from one day to the next.

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Uppsala is a beautiful city with a great university atmosphere. The ideal time to visit depends on your intentions. If you want to enjoy its architectural attractions, such as the castle or the cathedral, choose summer. If, on the other hand, you prefer to party, the school year will give you the best dates.

First visit of the King and Queen of Spain to Sweden in 42 years

Of course, we could not overlook another of the country’s great hobbies, and another reason why traveling to Sweden this winter is a great choice, especially for lovers of this season. Whether for its endless slopes for cross-country skiing, or for its skiing and snowboarding resorts, the Scandinavian country offers a wide variety of places to practice winter sports.

Sweden will dazzle lovers of snow, pristine landscapes and ancestral traditions. A destination ready to reach its peak of splendor under a multicolored blanket and determined to enliven the hearts of those who witness its most brilliant display.

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We are going to SWEDEN! – TRAILER – A preview of our trip.

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We missed our flight in Sweden! Travel anecdote!

Sweden is a country with an impressive cultural value. Nordic countries, as a rule, have great institutions that work very effectively to ensure quality education. However, they (along with Finland) are the ultimate expression of this interest, and this is reflected in their cities like Gothenburg.

Tour packages to Sweden, culture and tradition. Its capital, Stockholm, has a large number of places worth visiting. Among them, we find the City Hall or the Royal Palace, with its spectacular changing of the guard. Really, two buildings that fascinate any visitor. Also especially attractive is the sculpture of St. George and the Dragon, present in many European cities. The Storkyrkan, or Stockholm Cathedral, is also worth seeing.  Travel with us and discover the Nordic countries.

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