Travel Guide Trip To Orlando

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Travel Guide – Trip to Orlando

Orlando is a major city located in the state of Florida, US. The main attraction in Orlando is the Walt Disney world but there are lots of other attractions as well that people are not aware of. It is one of the most desirable family holiday destinations in US. Weather is a very important factor to consider before going to Orlando. The best time to visit is during January – March and October to early December. During this period the temperature ranges from 12°C– 30°C and is less humid. During summertime Orlando experiences a very hot and humid weather so avoid visiting during summer.

Costs in Orlando:


Hotel Prices: The average price per room per night in Orlando is $109 but it is advisable to keep a track on hotel booking sites as they sometime provides some very good discounts. provides great deals on Orlando Hotels.

Hostel Prices: The average price of a bed in dorm is around $12 per night. If you are travelling in group then you can book a villa. The average price of a 3 bed and 2 bath villa varies from $646 -$848 a week depending on the season.

Internet Access: Most hotels, hostels and villas provide free internet access.

Public Transport Cost: Orlando’s public transportation system is called LYNX. A standard one-way fare cost $2 and a single day pass cost $4.50. If you are planning to stay in Orlando for a week and want to use public transport then it is best to buy a Standard 7 day pass for $16. You can buy the ticket online using their official website

Food Costs: If you do not want to spend a lot of money on food then you can always go to a fast food joint like – CICI pizza, Mc Donald’s, Burger King etc. Always look for sign advertising Kids eat free. Do some research online to check the food prices in restaurants. One very good way to eat cheap in a good restaurant is to print discount coupons before going to a restaurant as they sometime offers some very good discounts.

Things to do:

Walt Disney World: If you are visiting Orlando then visiting Disney land is a must thing to do. Disney land is not located in Orlando city but it is located about 21 miles southwest of Orlando. If you are traveling by public transport then the best and cheapest option is to take the LYNX bus. Inside the park you can travel by Disney bus. Walt Disney world features four theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney Studio. Each park has one iconic attraction. It is recommended to buy a 7 day base ticket which allows you to enter one Theme park a day each day of your ticket. If you want to buy ticket for 3 day then it will cost you $224 and if you buy ticket for 7 days then it will cost you $ 247 so it is a good idea to book your ticket for 7 days as there are lots of things to do and see inside the park. The park remains open from 9am – 7pm.

Universal Studio: It is an amusement park based on Hollywood films and it comprises two theme parks. You can enjoy some fast paced rides based on famous movies like – Men in Black, The Mummy, Terminator etc. The Universal Studio remains open from 9 am – 6pm but sometimes it open later depending upon the season. A single day ticket cost $112 for adults and $104 for kids. It is recommended that you buy tickets for two days as you don’t want to miss anything and the ticket price for a 2 day trip is $134.99 for adult and $121.99 for kids.

SeaWorld: It is a theme park based on Marine life. It allows visitors to learn about sea and its inhabitants. There are lots of shows that you can attend and all these shows involve whales, dolphins and sea lions. The price of the tickets varies depending on the type of tour you want; like – Sea World’s Family Fun Tour costs $75 where as dolphin up-close tour costs $50. It remains open from 9am – 6pm.

Tips for budget travels:

1. Visit Orlando during off peak season as during that time Disney world offer discount packages.
2. Try to avoid eating inside Disney world as the food inside are expensive so have a heavy breakfast and pack some snacks with you along with some bottled water as each bottled water costs $2.
3. Use public transports as it is lot cheaper than traveling by taxi or hiring a car
4. Keep a tab on all major hotels booking websites for good discounts. You might get a good hotel in Orlando for half price
5. Look for events and places that are free. If you like beaches then you can go to Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Canaveral national seashore all the beaches are within an hour drive from Orlando.

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Orlando Trip Pictures:

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