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In such a large country with so many contrasts it is difficult to choose and decide what to visit. Although two thirds of this island is occupied by deserts, we can find modern cities on the coast, tropical areas, protected natural spaces, ancient forests, Precambrian escarpments and virgin beaches.

The train will allow you to enjoy the changing landscapes, and get to know remote and isolated areas or crowded cities, with a degree of comfort and tranquility that can only be achieved with this means of transportation.

You will only have to worry about enjoying yourself, as everything is included. From gourmet meals prepared on board with local products from the areas where we travel, to an excellent selection of wines and beers. You’ll also be able to take excursions and experiences off the train.

Both classes have access to the Queen Adelaide restaurant and the Outback Explorer lounge, an area where passengers can enjoy the journey and have a snack while meeting other travelers.


Growing demand in Australia for vacations to South and Central America has paved the way for the first Latin America Travel Week, which is to be held from May 15-22, 2016, with free consumer exhibitions and workshops at travel agencies in Sydney and Melbourne.

Organized by Atala, the Australian Travel Association for Latin America, the first edition of Latin America Travel Week will include evening travel agency workshops, with drinks and canapés, in Sydney from 6-8pm on Wednesday, May 18 and in Melbourne from 6-8pm on Thursday, May 19 at each workshop.


What are those four (very different) ways to fly (on a commercial flight) from Southeast Asia to South America? Which, by the way, I am waiting to fly on one of them. Say, Hong Kong to Santiago and Hong Kong to Buenos Aires?

Via Toronto (one connection) or via Dallas or Miami (via Dallas you can do it with one connection, but the wait at the airport is 20 hours. Never. In any case, you will be flying between 25 and 27 hours, so it is almost the same time as the Europe option; however, it is best to avoid connections in the USA at all costs.

Only 22 hours of flight time! Only one connection! Hong Kong – Sydney – Santiago = 9 + 13 flight hours: Hong Kong – Auckland – Santiago = 11 + 11. Excellent service on the plane, and you can see Antarctica out the window (if you fly in winter, i.e. Australia’s summer).

Only one possible drawback: you may not like being three or four THOUSAND kilometers away from the nearest inhabited land surrounded by ice and desolation. I have taken this route twice and I must say that you feel somewhat vulnerable and like in limbo! This is my article about my most recent flight over Antarctica.


Adelaide and Kangaroo Island, on the other hand, have an almost Mediterranean climate, with an average of 19ºC in winter and 27ºC in summer. To visit these Australian landscapes it is best to go between October and April. Further east, Melbourne, with a temperate climate, offers its best temperature between November and March.

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From November to March is the summer in this Australian state, and it coincides with a rainy season, so you better avoid these months to visit it. So, you better travel to this area between June and October.

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