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Mayflower ship


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Travels of the English

They decided to leave England in dissatisfaction because they believed that the purity of religion was not respected. The voyage was hellish and their ship, the Mayflower, changed its initial course and that of history. It is now four centuries since the arrival in America of those emigrants who lived great adventures and misfortunes and founded the United Colonies of New England, the embryo of the United States. By José Segovia/ Photo: Adobestock and Getty Images

After battling strong winds and monstrous waves during their epic 66-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, the colonists aboard the ship Mayflower knew that the land in their sights was not the colony of Virginia, the destination assigned to them by the British Royal Crown, but Cape Cod, located in the territory of the current state of Massachusetts. But the important thing was that they had survived the arduous voyage and now had in their hands the possibility of prospering in the New World.

It was November 11, 1620, a historic date that is now four centuries old. It was not the first English ship to reach the American coasts, nor was it the first colony to be founded in that territory. However, the arrival of that hundred or so people, made up of a mixture of English Puritans (known as the Pilgrims or ‘Pilgrim Fathers’) and adventurers and merchants determined to make a living on the new continent, has become one of the important moments in the history of the United States.

English colonization in America

KEYS THE BRITISH MERCHANTRichard Amerike was a wealthy landowner, born in Ross-on-Wye around 1440 / He was related to Hywel Ap Meurig de Brecon, a 14th century Welsh prince / The family coat of arms of stars and stripes bears a strong resemblance to the flag of the United States / The merchant died in 1503.

By the 15th century, the Amerikes were a well-known family in Bristol. Their warehouses stood on the docks on the banks of the Avon River. Until the middle of the century, the greatest volume of trade was concentrated in Bordeaux, under English rule, which was their main source of wine supply.

In 1480, ships from Bristol, including the Trinity, which was under contract to Amerike, were commissioned by the king to search for the island. Mystery still shrouds the true reality of what they discovered. There were ships that left loaded with salt and bound for Ireland – a voyage of no more than three weeks – that returned several months later loaded with cod in brine. These ships traveled a route farther than they recognized.

Descubrimientos ingleses

CRUCEROS DE CANADÁ Y NUEVA INGLATERRANuestros cruceros por Nueva Inglaterra y Canadá se deslizan por increíbles paisajes (hola follaje otoñal) y se detienen en puertos y ciudades históricas, algunas muy transitadas, otras joyas ocultas. Disfrute de escapadas rápidas de 6 a 8 días con las cómodas salidas de Boston a la culturalmente rica Montreal o la ciudad de Québec. O haga un viaje más largo en los cruceros a Groenlandia para ver un paisaje verdaderamente prístino salpicado de casitas de colores primarios. También puede circunnavegar Islandia en algunos de estos fantásticos nuevos cruceros. Sea cual sea el crucero por Nueva Inglaterra o Canadá que elija, lo sorprendente está en el itinerario. Explore los primeros tiempos del “Nuevo Mundo” recorriendo los terrenos de importantes batallas y visitando fascinantes lugares que recordará de los libros de historia. En nuestros populares cruceros por Nueva Escocia desde Boston, pruebe el marisco fresco y dé unos golpecitos con los dedos al ritmo de un violinista. O recorra las onduladas colinas, las playas de arena y las casas victorianas de la Isla del Príncipe Eduardo. Desde los faros bajo el dorado sol del verano hasta el follaje otoñal más vibrante que se pueda imaginar, unas vacaciones en Nueva Inglaterra y Canadá son un recuerdo para toda la vida.

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