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South America cruises 2022


Your South America sightseeing tour can start in Brazil, with its main tourist attraction: Christ the Redeemer. Located on Mount Corcovado, it is the emblem of Rio de Janeiro and measures 89 meters, being the fourth largest statue in the world. Then, travel to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and see the Obelisk that, at the intersection of Julio and Corrientes Avenues, is the main icon of the city.

The trip can end in Chile, at the foot of the San José volcano, which is part of the Andes Mountain Range and has 2 peaks, at 5,850 meters and 5,820 meters respectively. At 3,100 meters, is the Cave Refuge Plantat, built in 1937 for the rest of those who decide to climb the volcano.

Very good. Of the ports where I went down, the most beautiful were Salvador, Santos and Ilha Bela. On my previous cruise a descent in Buzios was foreseen, but it could not be done due to weather conditions. I know Buzios and I know it is a very nice destination.

The trip seemed to me well planned, unfortunately because of a strong storm we could not stop in Punta del Este, but that’s the way nature wanted it…anyway what a pleasure to enjoy and see those thunders on the sea- then we got off in Montevideo we could know and then we returned to enjoy the ship,

South America cruises

If you like sailing and want to experience a vacation on the water, chartering a private boat can be a good option, especially if you are traveling with a large group of people, as this is a premium service. Goolets is an agency specialized in chartering private boats and luxury yachts in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro and the Caribbean. A consultant helps you put together your itinerary and find a boat to suit your vacation. There are boats up to 40 meters in length and with up to 20 cabins, with crew on board and water activities included.

– The extra services you hire (already in itself, the passage includes the cabin, all meals and some drinks, but there are different bracelets that are paid per day and include a wider range of drinks).

Approximate prices: in 2017 we spoke to passengers who told us they paid $500 + gratuities (total per person for the entire trip) for a windowless stateroom. Now, from what I see on the web, prices start at €750/person for an outside stateroom with window (still cheaper than a plane ticket anyway).

Royal caribbean

With departures from the main departure ports such as Valparaiso, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile! Most itineraries include cruises with a duration of 13 days. The star cruise is an exciting journey from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso and back. With stops as interesting as Ushuaia, Punta Arenas and Puerto Montt.

Celebrity Cruises also offers many tours in South America as well as the Australis shipping line specializing in exploration cruises. Australis offers cruises with an approximate duration of five days.

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our destination was brazil, every excursion was excellent, how to describe them is impossible, only by living them you can experience so much comfort and pleasure in them, unforgettable moments are what come to my mind, we can only thank you for your kindness and your kindness….

Cruceros sudamérica 2023

En Holland America Line, creemos que viajar tiene el poder de cambiar el mundo. Consideramos que nuestro propósito superior es ayudar a hacer del mundo un lugar mejor abriendo mentes, creando conexiones e inspirando una humanidad compartida.

Durante 149 años, Holland America Line ha sido un líder reconocido en cruceros. Si busca algunos de los barcos más espaciosos y confortables del mar, un servicio galardonado, una gastronomía exquisita, amplias actividades y programas de enriquecimiento y atractivos itinerarios por todo el mundo, ha llegado al lugar adecuado.

Nuestra flota de 11 modernos barcos clásicos ofrece más de 500 salidas al año que visitan los siete continentes. Los cruceros incluyen puertos populares y menos transitados en el Caribe, Alaska, Europa, México, Sudamérica, el Canal de Panamá, Australia, Nueva Zelanda y Asia, así como viajes únicos al Amazonas, la Antártida y nuestros Grand Voyages extendidos.

Holland America Line está orgullosa de su programa medioambiental. La compañía obtuvo su certificación inicial ISO 14001 en junio de 2006. Como norma internacionalmente reconocida para la gestión medioambiental, la ISO 14001 abarca prácticamente todos los aspectos de las operaciones de nuestros barcos. Holland America Line ha sido recertificada para cumplir con esa norma una y otra vez, demostrando nuestra creencia de que la salvaguarda de nuestros huéspedes, tripulaciones, barcos y el medio ambiente en el que vivimos y operamos no sólo es lo correcto, sino que es esencial para el éxito de nuestro negocio.

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