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Traveling in South America alone


+ June 19, 2012: Videoconference with National Geographic Store Madrid in the middle of an event about Colombia + June 10, 2012: Mention in Viajablog in their new section “Travel blogs in the backpack”.

8 must-see places to see on a trip to Costa RicaCosta Rica is a country is defined in its own slogan: Pura vida. A nation of boxed in Central America that lacks an army, which remains open to visitors like few others, with half of its territory covered by forests and jungles, and 25% of it protected under the figure of…

In the footsteps of the jaguar in the Great Pantanal, NEW AUTHOR’S TRIP! Contemplating the jaguar in the wild is one of the many excuses to propose a fascinating author’s trip to the Great Pantanal in Brazil. As if that were not enough. But traveling to the largest expanse of wetlands on the planet, in the heart of the Brazilian Mato Grosso just a step away from the collage?

Will you join me in Greenland? NEW AUTHOR’S TRAVELA bay bursting with huge icebergs drifting after having shed the thick wall of a glacier. The blue tones of the ice play with the palette of colors imprinted by the light of a sun that for weeks will not set on the horizon. Sailing with the…

Travel through South America from Colombia

In each article we show proposals of essential places to visit in America, plans to do in each place, car routes, weekend getaways, maps and hiking trails, tips on accommodation and bars and restaurants where to eat, among many other things.

As this is a blog of creative travels around Europe, America and the world, you will also find different and artistic proposals to inspire you. Sometimes these proposals will be interspersed within the articles, sometimes in dedicated articles, which are all gathered in the “Creative Travel” section of the blog.

Traveling in South America

DiscoverAmerica is the perfect destination for group travelAmerica is one of the most complete destinations for organized group travel, from North America, through Central America and the Caribbean to South America, with a great variety of incredible landscapes, climates, interesting traditions and cultures to discover.

DELICIOUS GASTRONOMYAs a result of the fusion of many cultures, the gastronomy of the Americas is very varied and rich in flavors. A good Mexican hot chili, an American hamburger, a Peruvian ceviche…

Requirements for travel in South America

What budget do I need for backpacking in South America? Is transportation very expensive? Is it possible to camp? How do I travel so cheaply? These and many other questions are the most frequently asked when planning a trip for the first time.

There are as many answers as there are travelers. In this kind of guide I will try to share the keys that made Juan and me be able to travel for 18 months with U$D 7 per day between the two of us. The more gas-guzzling/scratchy/broken version of me (and not for that reason unhappy, much less dirty) is about to be revealed.

So if you’re thinking of taking a trip and don’t have a lot of money, put the water for tea (I don’t drink mate), bring your notebook, and stay put. Coming soon is a guide on how to put together a backpacking budget for traveling in South America.

Normally, and regardless of the type of trip, the budget is divided into three basic elements: transportation, food and lodging. The first part (except within the cities) is solved by hitchhiking. Even in countries like Bolivia, where buses are very cheap, we choose to extend the thumb: we do not do it only for economic reasons.

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