Safest places in south america to travel

Safest country in North America


Chile tops the list when it comes to the safest countries in South America. With a stable political situation, low crime rates and a generally reliable police force, it is an ideal vacation spot for many travelers. The real threat comes not from humans, but from nature, as earthquakes are very common in the area. Visitors can explore Cerro San Cristobal, stroll through one of the many trendy neighborhoods or move to the cultural side at Santiago’s art and history museums. It is also conveniently located near Valparaiso on the coast, another of Chile’s beautiful and safe cities.

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Possibly your main fears about whether it is safe to travel to South America are related to what you have seen on TV. But no, neither Pablo Escobar is going to try to kidnap you in Colombia nor will the FARC. Plan your trip by educating yourself about places where there may be conflict and avoid them. But avoiding a place in conflict does not mean avoiding a country. The Philippines, Thailand or India are destinations that are currently experiencing a tourist boom and all of them suffer from armed conflicts in some of their regions. The same is true when traveling to South America. Do not hesitate to visit the wonderful beaches and villages of countries such as Colombia, Ecuador or Brazil for fear of whether it is safe to travel to South America or not. Choose what to visit in each destination based on its safety.

Another major concern of travelers who wonder if it is safe to travel to South America has to do with health: What do I do if I need medical assistance in South America? Are there good medical centers? The answer is yes. South America has top-notch hospitals in all its countries. For example, Venezuela, currently in crisis, has one of the best hospitals in all of Latin America. These hospitals usually cover the citizens of the country free of charge, but when it comes to emergencies for tourists, prices skyrocket. Traveling to South America with a good travel medical insurance will make you not have to worry at all about this kind of expenses, everything will be covered.

Safest countries in Latin America 2022

2- The second, sailing on a cruise through Los Glaciares National Park, where I was able to visit not only the Perito Moreno, but also other glaciers that have nothing to envy to this one, such as the Spegazzini Glacier.

In this article I will relate my experience during 1 month there and I will write a detailed guide with free plans for free, excursions, diving, practical information and what to visit from each of the 3 main islands of Galapagos.  Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela.

First, the Atacama Desert, with its 105,000 km² of surface and its Altiplanic Lagoons, Red Stones, flamingos in the Atacama Salt Flat, Tatio Geysers, Putana River, Machuca, Moon Valley, Death Valley and the sunset at the Kari Viewpoint or Piedra del Coyote.

Then, 3 magical days to the Salar de Uyuni, passing by lagoons (red, green, white, black…) that left me with my mouth open, a madness of geysers and absolutely breathtaking landscapes.

I tell you how to get there, tips on how to get around inside with all the new restrictions and schedules and, of course, everything I experienced in one of the most magical places I remember in the world.

Latin American countries for travel

Chile is a fascinating destination that enchants all travelers who arrive there. It offers many adventure activities, diverse landscapes, an immense wine production and rich gastronomy. In addition, San Pedro de Atacama is considered by scientists as one of the best places on the planet to observe the stars.

If you decide to travel to Chile, you can also visit the houses of the poet Pablo Neruda, Easter Island or Rapa Nui, with its large stone statues or Moai, and taste, in addition to wine, the pisco sour, typical drink of the Chilean country.

Mexico is also one of the best countries to visit in Latin America. You will find a lot of history that will transport you to different times. You can, for example, visit colonial cities, such as Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Querétaro and Morelia. The country mixes different cultures with many colors and beauty that make Mexico a destination full of traditions, such as the well-known celebration of the Day of the Dead.

You can also visit the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, its many museums, especially in Mexico D.C., take advantage of its beaches, its food – already named Intangible Heritage of Humanity – the local handicrafts and its landscapes.

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