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Traveling without vaccinations: These countries eliminated health requirements


Discovering New York, seeing the beaches of Miami and the Florida coast or feeling like you’re in a movie on a roadtrip along the west coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles are some of the travel options you can consider in 2022.

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In the ESTA they will ask you for your details (it is important that you write all the information as it appears in your passport) and they will also ask you some specific questions such as if you have a history of terrorism or drug trafficking among others.

The ESTA has a cost of 14 dollars that you can pay with credit card or PayPal at the moment of filling it and you can do it yourself in the official page of the ESTA form. On the Internet you can find companies or agencies that do this procedure for you although they charge you an additional extra.

The 4 requirements to enter the United States in

Be careful with the issue of time zones or flights with stopovers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the 24 hours before includes the departure of the flight bound for the U.S. “or the first flight in a series of connections booked on the same itinerary”.

So one of the experts’ recommendations for those who are traveling and want a quick result is to get an antigen test, which is simpler and can be done in many doctors’ offices using a nasal or throat swab.

A key aspect of this question is that, regardless of the test, CDC guidelines are clear in directing immigration authorities that the test to be accepted “must be authorized for use by the relevant national authority” of the country where the test is administered.

The U.S. will allow non-essential travel through its

The case of Mexico is the best known. Mexico never closed its borders, not even when the pandemic began. Moreover, entry into the country has never been conditioned by any restrictions. Mexico does not require PCR testing or quarantine for travelers entering its territory. This has made the country one of the world’s favorite destinations, even for tourists from the United States.

The country’s borders are open to most countries. You do not need to present a PCR test, but you can be subjected to examinations such as rapid or breath tests at the airport unless you have a vaccination certificate.

To enter Ecuador you must present a negative PCR test. You have the option to take the test at the airport, but in this case you will be quarantined until you receive the results. If you are traveling from Brazil, in addition to the PCR test you will need to comply with a voluntary quarantine (covering all expenses) for ten days.


Non-U.S. citizens who qualify for a medical exemption must contact Special Assistance at least 72 hours prior to departure to obtain approval. You must also provide a signed note from a doctor confirming your medical contraindications to the vaccine.

We have eliminated all change fees for First, Executive, Premium Economy and Main Cabin tickets for all domestic and short-haul international flights issued on or after August 31, 2020.

In addition, we have eliminated all change fees for First, Executive, Premium Economy and Main Cabin tickets for all long-haul international flights originating in North or South America issued on or after November 19, 2020.

You can keep the full value of your original ticket, but you must pay the fare difference if your new flight costs more. If your new flight costs less, you will receive the fare difference in the form of travel funds to use for future travel.

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