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We arrived to Mountain View after 170 days, to get there we traveled always northbound about 25,100 km, after crossing the San Francisco bridge we started the return, being the northernmost point we reached on the way.

My idea and objective was to expose a series of personal theories based on my experiences in the internet sector to the directors of the great search engine, opinions and visions of the future of some of their products, maybe with such a trip I would call their attention and they would attend me.

I also wanted to thank them for the Adsense program that changed my life when I almost lost it due to an illness that left me with reduced mobility for a long time and see if I could win an internship or temporary job in the Sillicon Valley.

Every time I said I wanted to talk to one of the founders they laughed, as if I wasn’t serious, I bet for sure their founders would have welcomed me at least to say hello if they knew that a fan of their products had made such a trip.

Route to travel through South America

The most summarized guide to travel to the so called “Queen of the Plata” and to know all its secrets. The Federal Capital of the Argentine Republic and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is one of the great megalopolises of the world and comprises “several cities”, where each one responds to the architecture of the moment and the different lifestyles of its inhabitants. It is a large conglomerate in the form of concentric rings, reaching a radius of about 30 km, taking as its center the Congress, its km 0.

The best guide to move at our own pace in Patagonia, an extensive area that includes the southern part of two countries: Chile and Argentina. It is one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of the planet: wonderful fjords and glaciers, crystalline lakes, impenetrable forests, isolated cities, ice and snow covered peaks and a unique diversity of flora and fauna. Communications are still somewhat difficult but, for that very reason, Patagonia preserves intact all its attractiveness and its indomitable and unexplored character.

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If you are looking for wonderful routes such as Thailand, Canada or Mexico to enjoy an incredible “road trip”, you will find the authenticity of this type of trip in the United States. On a road trip through the United States, you will remember many of the

life, being thanks to this, an essential trip for every tourist. It has no waste, although we also have to say, that for us, the best part of this route is the one that begins in Oklahoma and until the end heading West. All the way to Los Angeles.

The city of Los Angeles is a great place to remember scenes from famous movies, such as “The Dark Knight”. The city is well worth a stop of at least 2/3 days. A city where you can taste the best pizzas of the country without a doubt; the “deep dish pizza”. About these famous Chicago pizzas, we tell you all about it in this post that will surely whet your appetite… You will see what was our culinary experience in this magnificent city that starts the route. From

We will visit the famous roadside bars; and the famous food buffets of this great city; where you will surely see food dishes that you would not have imagined in a buffet. Your road trip will be more like the “king crab” cooked for example.

Travel routes through Latin America

This is one of the most beautiful automobile routes in South America. This road runs through some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Chilean Patagonia. With more than 1,000 kilometers, linking the city of Puerto Montt with Villa O’Higgins, this road travels through the pristine landscapes of the end of the world, encountering beautiful villages and ancient glaciers.

Like Route 66 in the United States, Route 40 crosses Argentina from north to south, passing through incredibly beautiful areas of this country. Starting at Cabo Virgenes, the gateway to the Strait of Magellan, this road heads north until it reaches La Quiacá, a town near the Bolivian border.

Do you like nature and animal watching? This route is made for you. In the state of Matto Grosso, in the southwest of Brazil, you will find the Pantanal, one of the areas with the greatest variety of fauna in all of South America.

From the town of Poconé, you can take the Transpantaneira route (MT-060), a simple 145-kilometer road, where you can admire the swampy landscape and various types of animals in their natural state. Flocks of herons and egrets, capybaras, caimans, deer, among other animals.

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