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The Manila Galleon


They generally made their landfall well down the coast, somewhere between Point Conception and Cape San Lucas… After all, these were preeminently merchant ships, and the business of exploration lay outside their field, though chance discoveries were welcomed.

With such limitations it was essential to build the galleon as large as possible, becoming the largest known class of ships built anywhere up to that time.[4] In the 16th century, they averaged 1700 to 2000 tons, were built of Philippine timbers and could carry a thousand passengers. The Concepción, which was wrecked in 1638, had a length of 43 to 49 meters and displaced about two thousand tons. The Santísima Trinidad was 51.5 meters long. Most of the ships were built in the Philippines and only eight in Mexico.

The shipwrecks of the Manila galleons are legends followed only by the shipwrecks of the galleons in the Caribbean. In 1568, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s own ship, the San Pablo (three hundred tons), was the first Manila galleon to be destroyed en route to Mexico.

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It is required to have a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months until the end of the trip, for tourist stays of up to 30 days. In addition, the immigration authorities stamp is obtained at the border of entry.  Also, a printed round-trip air ticket or a ticket out of the Philippines to a third country is a must. For other nationalities consult with your embassy.

It is recommended to keep an eye on your belongings and do not flaunt them to avoid possible theft. Move with caution, especially at night.  Also, it is best not to accept food or drinks offered by strangers. If you are going to travel by cab, it is advisable to ask the hotel to call a reliable cab or request it through the Grab application.  Arrange for safe transportation and itineraries.

In the Philippines, health care is adequate in big cities. However, in provinces and remote areas, care is limited. Therefore, in case of need for treatment it is best to go to hospitals in large cities, with international accreditation. It is strongly advised to take out travel medical insurance.

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Many travelers ask us if one week is enough to travel to the Philippines and, although we do not like to say absolute truths, in our opinion, 7 days is enough to see very little. We would only recommend this period of time if you are thinking of combining the Philippines with another country in the area, having to spend only 2 or 3 hours to land in Manila or Cebu.

In general, we advise you to think about 20 days when calculating how long to travel to the Philippines. Considering that you will have to dedicate 1 day to come and 1 day to go back, you are left with a good 18 days to discover a couple of areas of the country.

What if you have less time? In this case we recommend you to choose one area or, at most, 2 islands. Such is the case of this 10-day itinerary through the Philippines that we suggest. It is very similar to this 13-day itinerary, which is simply a bit more relaxed. If you opt for the Bisayas or Mindanao region, we recommend that you try not to square more than 2 islands or 3 destinations.

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Ready?…Ready?…Go!!!! Welcome to your tourism trip to the Philippines! We have landed in a very special country, both for its geographical formation composed of more than 7,000 islands, and for the warmth of its people and its culture, absolutely amazing. In this travel guide I will tell you the most important things to do and see in the Philippines.

In the Philippines you can move around easily by cab, by bus for organized tours and walking around the cities. But the more adventurous ones can also rent a car and make their own route!

I wish I could tell you that we started in style and without wasting time… but this time it would not be true. We have arrived in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and for me honestly, the city I like the least in the world…but well, to each his own!

Philippines is synonymous with nature, and before knowing the famous beaches of the Philippines and incredible seabed for diving, we are going to go for a 4×4 route + trekking through its famous Mount Pinatubo with its shocking history…that eruption in 1991 must have been impressive!

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